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June 17, 2008: Anina and 360 Fashion Hit PBS - Fashion & Technology
Comments: 0 | Categories: 360Fashion , Nokia , Women in Mobile
Anina of anina.net and 360 Fashion is at it again. I swear... I'm really starting to think that she doesn't sleep. She recently appeared on a PBS documentary involving her interaction and introduction of Fashion and Technology and her need...

June 13, 2007: Woman in Mobile #19 - Kathie Legg
Comments: 0 | Categories: Women in Mobile
The newest candidate on Rudy De Waele's "Women in Mobile" series is Kathie Legg. Kathie works along with Justin Oberman writing for MOpocket and is co-founder of Mobile Monday Washington, DC. Welcome Kathie to the group!! I'm so happy to...

May 21, 2007: Women in Mobile #18 - Heike Scholz
Comments: 1 | Categories: Women in Mobile
Rudy Da Waele over at M-Trends has been busy keeping up with his tribute to Women in Mobile and has recently interviewed Heike Scholz. Heike's blog Mobile Zeitgeist (translated Mobile Spirit of the Time) is mainly in German but is...

March 9, 2007: Women in Mobile #17
Comments: 0 | Categories: Women in Mobile
Back in 2005 I was proud to be one of the very first participant in a series of web-interviews by Rudy DeWaele of m-trends.org titled Woman in Mobile. Yesterday I received an email stating that we have a new femme...

March 13, 2006: Women in Mobile #7
Comments: 0 | Categories: Women in Mobile
Rudy De Waele is still going strong, getting us women mobilists noticed. Entry #7 is with Keren Flavell, host of the Mobile Media Show. I apologize to Emily of Textually.org for missing her interview (#6) which can be found here....

January 7, 2006: Women in Mobile 5
Comments: 0 | Categories: Women in Mobile
Rudy De Waele of m-trends starts off the New Year with another great interview from a definate icon to women in mobile. Anina of anina.net shares her insight and feedback as the first interviewee of 2006! via: MobileJones

November 26, 2005: Calling All Women Mobilists!!!
Comments: 4 | Categories: Women in Mobile
For the past week or so I've had the pleasure of chatting with Debi from MobileJones. Other than Emily and Anina she has been the only female person that I can hold a discussion with regarding mobiles and stuff like...


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