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August 6, 2009: The Carl Zeiss Lens Factory Tour
Comments: 0 | Categories: Mobile 2.0 , Nokia , Nseries , Web/Tech
All of the above photos taken by a Carl Zeiss Photographer on Mon. 06.22.09 at the Carl Zeiss Optics Facilities in Aalen, Germany. Orginally posted by Ms. Jen at BlackPhoebe.com, re-posted with permission. No grumbling about this write up of...

April 22, 2008: Clawing into RSS and Email
Comments: 1 | Categories: Internet Tablet , Mobile Content , Nseries , Web 2.0 , Web/Tech
Discovering the RSS plug-in for Claws one of those "I should have had a V8" moments. How I missed this excellent plug-in "the world may never know." I'm bewildered and confused by the whole event. Now that I have found...

April 5, 2008: Inside Flixwagon
Comments: 2 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Mobile 2.0 , Web 2.0 , Web/Tech
A bit over a week ago I had the privilege to sit down and chat with Xen Mendelsohn of MyFrame makers of Flixwagon. If you aren't familiar with Flixwagon, it is a Mobile Web 2.0 service that allows users to...

March 26, 2008: GooSync syncs Tasks, sort of!
Comments: 2 | Categories: Web/Tech
GooSync announced today they would start offering synchronization of Tasks to complement Calendars and Contacts. There's a catch, Tasks are not synchronized to Google in anyway, they are simply stored on GooSync's site. This new offering is for premium (read...

March 25, 2008: Wi-Fi drives wireless data
Comments: 0 | Categories: 3G , Web/Tech , WiFi
In a recent post on Mobile Messaging 2.0, Evan Spence writes how Wi-Fi drives better 3G. I would take it a step further and say that is does more than drive better data services is drives data services period. Once...

October 21, 2007: New Site Design!!
Comments: 14 | Categories: Web/Tech
I've been wanting to change the layout of my site for quite some time now. I kept getting hints that my site needed to be a bit more Web 2.0ish, so today I kept my buddy Paul hostage while he...

October 11, 2007: Some Projects That I'm Working On
Comments: 1 | Categories: Blah Blah Blah , Web/Tech
I've been a fan of Typepad Hacks for quite some time now. The tips and tricks that John Unger provides are amazing for Typepad users. I think my template has been hacked to death over the years to the point...

October 9, 2007: Jaiku and Google Are Joined!
Comments: 2 | Categories: Web 2.0 , Web/Tech
Today's news came as a surprise because, well, no one knew about it. Except of course maybe the people at Jaiku and Google. Jaiku announced today that it has been acquired by Google. Congrats to Jyri and the team!!!! But...

August 28, 2007: The Return of AllAboutNGage.com!
Comments: 1 | Categories: Games , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , N-Gage , Nokia , Web/Tech
In preparation for the coming of the NextGen N-Gage platform, its quite fitting to see that AllAboutNGage has made a comeback!! Rafe Blanford has been hard at work behind the scenes giving the site a welcoming revamp. Kudos Rafe!!! Be...

June 19, 2007: Customizing Your Mobile Web Server Template
Comments: 9 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Web/Tech
As with any new device I receive I always have to customize it to reflect "me". Rafe's Mobile Site was the first one that I viewed and immediately I had to know how he customized his page. I found that...


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