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July 28, 2008: Living the Life of a Global Nomad
Comments: 1 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Travel , Weblogs
Anyone knowing Andy Abramson will know that you just can't find him in one set location. That man travels like nobody's business. Hence the proper term.... "global nomad". Yep, that's Andy. I've had the pleasure of being abroad with Andy...

February 19, 2008: Mobile & Web 2.0 Stability
Comments: 3 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Current Affairs , Development , Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Nokia , Nokia Discussions , Nseries , Ovi , Video , Web 2.0 , Weblogs
With the rise of many sites in recent months what keeps people coming back varies from person to person. You can bet what will keep people away, unreliable services and ignoring customer's needs; essentially the same things that affect every...

August 27, 2007: I've BeenTagged... Now I'm Starting To Get Bruised
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Web 2.0 , Weblogs
Lol just when one tagging bruise heels another one pops up. OUCH!! I've recently been tagged by Heike of Heike-scholz.de. The title? 5 Blogs that I read from other countries. Textually.org - Emily Turrettini (Schweiz) DotSISX - Rita Khoury (Lebanon)...

June 11, 2007: S60 Smartphonin'
Comments: 1 | Categories: S60 , S60 3rd Edition , Weblogs
The S60 Blog's have added another addition to the family. Welcome Smartphonin', a non-techie S60 blog which covers the basic introduction for S60 users... and is run by a female!! Johanna MacDonald of Satama Interactive in Helsinki, Finland will be...

June 4, 2007: Robert Scoble and the Nokia N95
Comments: 1 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition , Weblogs
Well-known blogger, Robert Scoble has received a Nokia N95 from PureMobile. So far he seems pretty content with it... but will it match up to the iPhone in his opinion? Translation: it’s going to be lots of fun to compare...

May 26, 2007: Introducing the NokianBlog!
Comments: 1 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Symbian , Weblogs
I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Hell when we attended CES in Las Vegas. Not to many people on the net know him as Michael, but more famously as Beerbong from Symbian-Freaks! Beerbong has launched his new blog titled...

May 3, 2007: Mac.sis - A Well Needed Blog for Mac/S60 Users
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , S60 , Web/Tech , Weblogs
Tommi informs that one of his colleagues has started a new blog for Mac/S60 users. Mac.sis, created by Sami Lempinen, is sure to be a popular spot for mac users seeking tips and info on S60 compatibility. Lol, I'm like...

January 22, 2007: DotSISX - A Space to Watch!!
Comments: 3 | Categories: Weblogs
Since I'm now a member of the Vox community that gives me another spot to hang out and express thoughts. Most of the posts there are not mobile related. Lol, can't eat and sleep mobile all the time!! I'm excited...

December 12, 2006: S60 Blogs Newest Addition
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , S60 , Weblogs
The S60 team has added another blog to its growing family of informative industry blogs. The Mobile Security, run by Neil Barclay will feature security news, reviews and provide user awareness for the S60 platform. More about Neil can be...

November 8, 2006: Where Is Mobile Jones?
Comments: 1 | Categories: Weblogs
What happens when someone that you network and socialize with suddenly goes missing? Well the normal reaction is to worry of course. It's been August since Debi Jones has posted on MobileJones. I've refrained from writing anything about her missing...


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