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September 15, 2008: The End of T-Mobile Service, or is it?
Comments: 7 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
Since 1996 I've been a T-Mobile subscriber, traveling from Ominpoint to Voicestream to T-Mobile and taking all of my grandfathered goodies such as Buddytime with me. Looks like today I'm faced with a decision on whether or not to keep...

August 27, 2008: T-Mobile Family Allowances & Shortcodes
Comments: 0 | Categories: SMS , T-Mobile USA News & Tips
T-Mobile USA still reports Family Allowances, cost control feature, still has issues with short codes. Short codes are 4-6 digit numbers for services such as Google (466453), Twitter (40404), and Yahoo (92466) to name a few. Codes can be carrier...

August 26, 2008: 3G Comes To Dallas
Comments: 5 | Categories: 3G , T-Mobile USA News & Tips
In the wee hours of August 26, 2008 T-Mobile USA went live with 1700 WCDMA (3G) in Texas, according to an unconfirmed internal T-Mobile USA employee. I can confirm it is working in North Fort Worth. T-Mobile USA 3G is...

August 14, 2008: Breaking News: T-Mobile USA Outage Affects Western USA
Comments: 0 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
An unconfirmed and unnamed T-Mobile source says that there has been a major failure at the data center in Atlanta, GA, The failure is effecting all services: voice, messaging and data have been intermittent, slow or unavailable for many customers...

August 13, 2008: Allowances Aren't Just For Kids
Comments: 0 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
I was glad to see T-Mobile take the step of incorporating cost control measures recently. While the name "Family Allowances" may sound deceiving, this feature isn't just for the kids: even if they were the inspiration. I admit curiosity got...

August 11, 2008: T-Mobile to Launch App Store of its Own
Comments: 0 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
Seems like T-Mobile might be following in the footsteps of Apple in regards to offering a resource for third party developers to offer its software. According to eFluxMedia, the way this works is that similar to Apple's technique 3rd party...

August 7, 2008: T-Mobile USA 3G Lives in Sin City and Twin Cities
Comments: 6 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
The word on the street is that T-Mobile USA has "flipped the switch" on WCDMA 1700 in Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX. If gas weren't $3.59/gal (yes, I know its still less than many other places) I'd be tempted...

August 4, 2008: T-Mobile USA 3G Countdown Begins
Comments: 4 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
There has been a lot of news (1, 2) and talk about the impending T-Mobile USA 3G launch announced for October 1, 2008. I previously posted I was unable to sign on to the T-Mobile 3G signal although visible on...

August 1, 2008: Giving Parents The Power
Comments: 2 | Categories: T-Mobile USA News & Tips
Regardless where you might stand on the kids and cellphone debate, you have to admit giving parents controls to manage costs is a good thing. I've always wondered why mobile carriers have ignored the family market until recently. Whatever the...

June 25, 2008: T-Mobile and AT&T Cutting Customers Off for Excessive Roaming
Comments: 0 | Categories: AT&T/Cingular News & Tips , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , T-Mobile USA News & Tips
OMG I was just having this discussion with Jeb Brilliant yesterday and smirked at the advantage of how long I've been roaming since moving to North Carolina. Guess it's nothing to smirk at anymore. This affects me greatly because I've...


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