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November 11, 2008: Another Hidden Nokia Application - Nokia Multiscanner
Comments: 6 | Categories: Nokia , S60 Software
SymbianV3 reports the finding of a useful tool not shown on any of the Nokia sites... at least none that we are aware of. The Nokia Multiscanner. According to my Symbian-Guru, the Nokia Multiscanner is a tool that's available to...

November 5, 2008: Ovi Says Yes to Flixwagon!!!!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Ovi , S60 Software , Social Media
Both Ovi and Flixwagon users can now rejoice in the joining of services!! Flixwagon has announced the share of integration between its service and Nokia's Ovi. To set things up visit Flixwagon's site and login to your account. New users...

October 24, 2008: Replace Your Blackberry The S60 Way
Comments: 5 | Categories: Eseries , Nseries , S60 Software , Tips and Tricks
For the past several weeks I’ve had the opportunity to give the Nokia E71 a real run for its money with regards to email. I’ve tried the built-in email client, Nokia Email and Mail for Exchange (MfE), although most S60...

October 22, 2008: 75% Off on Symbian Software from Shape Services
Comments: 0 | Categories: S60 , S60 3rd Edition , S60 Software , Symbian
How would you like to get a steep discount on top software by Shape Services? For 3 days only, get great selling S60 software such as IM+, Mobiola Web Camera and Remote Desktop for a great price!! Visit my software...

September 24, 2008: Nokia Previews "Nokia Image Space" , "Point and Find"
Comments: 4 | Categories: S60 Software
Nokia conversations ,today, previewed 2 upcoming software which has me really excited. First up, is what they are saying is "a totally new concept of viewing Images" : Nokia Image Space. Using the GPS, compass and accelerometer found on the...

September 19, 2008: Nokia LifeviNe : A Hands-on at an early build
Comments: 7 | Categories: S60 Software
I will be participating in the Nokia LifeviNe project, for the next 2 months, where basically a bunch of different people from around the world have been given trial Nokia N82's that have Nokia's "lifeviNe" application installed on it. In...

September 18, 2008: Nokia Upcoming Innovations
Comments: 0 | Categories: S60 Software
Nokia conversations just posted a couple days ago, about a new site launching : Legendstelegraph.com What it basically is, is yet another one of Nokia's flash-heavy sites showcasing one of the upcoming "Innovations" through a story or a "Legend" of...

September 18, 2008: Nokia's (life)viNe
Comments: 11 | Categories: Announcements , Mobile 2.0 , Nokia , Nseries , S60 Software
For the next two months I, Ms. Jen, am participating in the Nokia viNe project, of which a number of different folks from around the world have been given trial Nokia N82's that have a new Nokia geo-tracking-photo-video-music application* called...

September 4, 2008: The Future of Nokia Email
Comments: 3 | Categories: Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Nokia , S60 Software
A few weeks ago Nokia Email made it to Nokia Betalabs. Before my hiatus I had the privilige of putting out some questions to the Product Manager in regards to the advances of Nokia Email. One thing that I've learned...

August 27, 2008: Nokia's New LifeviNe Application
Comments: 0 | Categories: S60 Software
At the Nokia Virtual Launch event that happened a couple days ago, there was a whole new application announced alongside the new Nokia N79 and N85 : Nokia LifeviNe . Nokia is marketing it as "a new way to plot...


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