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October 30, 2008: Nokia N96 Hits US Flagship Stores Early - Limited Quantities
Comments: 2 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition
The Nokia N96 was scheduled to hit the NY and Chicago Flagship stores November 7th, but limited quantities are available at both locations as of today. SWEET!!!!! Retailed at $842 consumers can now get their hands on the popular Nseries...

October 22, 2008: 75% Off on Symbian Software from Shape Services
Comments: 0 | Categories: S60 , S60 3rd Edition , S60 Software , Symbian
How would you like to get a steep discount on top software by Shape Services? For 3 days only, get great selling S60 software such as IM+, Mobiola Web Camera and Remote Desktop for a great price!! Visit my software...

September 10, 2008: 43 Nokia S60 Devices to Feature Mail for Exchange
Comments: 0 | Categories: Eseries , Nokia , Nseries , Press Releases , S60 3rd Edition
In a press release this morning, Nokia announced that it has expanded its range of devices that include Mail for Exchange to 43 S60 3rd edition devices. Wow now that's alot!! This makes it the largest range from any device...

July 28, 2008: Nokia N85-3 Product Leak?
Comments: 8 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition
While we eagerly await the arrival of the N96 Ubergizmo announces the N85 product leak for the US. As you know the US variants have a nice 3 at the end of their product numbers. As it sits right now,...

July 24, 2008: Nokia E71 NAM Available!
Comments: 0 | Categories: 3G , Eseries , Nokia , S60 3rd Edition
Nokia NYC had a special launch event this evening to promote the awaited E71 NAM. The E71 is now available at both NYC and Chicago flagship stores and retails for $483. Currently the black one is available and the white...

July 17, 2008: Timed Profiles Return in the Nokia N78
Comments: 6 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition
One feature that I've missed in S60 for awhile was the ability to set timed profiles. This was important to me while I was in classes and I had several timings set up around my schedule. The Nokia N78 has...

June 17, 2008: Nokia E71 and E66 Shows Face
Comments: 0 | Categories: Eseries , Nokia , S60 3rd Edition
As all the rumors from the past weeks are now diminished with the official announcement of the 2 new Eseries additions, the question now being asked is... when and with whom? Both the E71 and E66 are major improvements to...

May 27, 2008: Nokia Nseries Roadmap 2008-2009 Revealed?
Comments: 4 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60 3rd Edition
Philippine site, Electronic Pulp, has revealed whats rumored to be, an Nseries roadmap for 2008-2009. According to whats stated, an iPod+iTunes killer is in the works. Of course 2 different companies means 2 different products, so I wouldn't go as...

April 30, 2008: Nokia N78 Shows Face in Pearl White to Nokia Spain
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition
Nokia Spain's online store has a beautiful pearl colored Nokia N78. Althought when I first saw the image I immediately thought "photoshopped" but since its on Nokia's site it quite possibly could be real. As it shows, the device is...

April 30, 2008: Nokia N78 FM Transmitter in Motion
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Phone Reviews , S60 3rd Edition
Greg of SymbianFrance has shared a video of the FM transmitter feature of the N78. This is one of the features that I love about this device. I personally listen to the playlists on my device more than I do...


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