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August 11, 2010: Nokia 5250: Attractive, Affordable Symbian Handset Leaks
Comments: 0 | Categories: Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60 , Symbian
As Symbian edges ever closer to mid-range mobile mainstay, we're seeing the platform pop up in ever more enticing handsets. The latest to break cover was from the hallowed halls of Nokia themselves, with the Nokia 5250 proudly (yet briefly)...

May 27, 2008: Nokia Nseries Roadmap 2008-2009 Revealed?
Comments: 4 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60 3rd Edition
Philippine site, Electronic Pulp, has revealed whats rumored to be, an Nseries roadmap for 2008-2009. According to whats stated, an iPod+iTunes killer is in the works. Of course 2 different companies means 2 different products, so I wouldn't go as...

January 7, 2008: Nokia Rumor Patrol
Comments: 0 | Categories: Eseries , Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!!
Now that we've all heard about the N95 8GB for the NAM being available soon (some say this month, I say February... but what do I know, right?) and we've seen Dora and Liam, we can put those other rumors...

November 26, 2007: Leaked Images of the Nokia N96
Comments: 12 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!!
Emily of Textually.org reports the findings of leaked N96 images. Hmmm, kind of awkward looking, but in any case interesting. According to Mobile Mentalism the specs include a Six megapixel camera with optical zoom, GPS Sat-Nav, 10GB hard disk, and...

August 29, 2007: The Nokia iPhone-like Slip?
Comments: 6 | Categories: Nokia , Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60
During this mornings presentations a mysterious device showed its presence for about 5 seconds... if not less. The iPhone-like Nokia device could be whats expected next year to introduce users to the world of S60 touchscreen. Mike Hell AKA Beerbong...

July 12, 2007: Some Things Aren't Meant to be Pink
Comments: 1 | Categories: Eseries , Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!!
I can't begin to tell you how many emails and text messages I received about this. Lol guess my readers and buddies are just looking out for my interest in all things pink and Hello Kitty!! Thanks guys!! Steve Litchfield...

July 2, 2007: Nokia Patent for 2 Screen Tablet with Removable Keyboard
Comments: 3 | Categories: Nokia , Rumors Rumors Rumors!!
With the sales of Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet being phased out a bit and reduced to online availability only with the price being somewhere around $130, you have to wonder if there is any truth to something being in the...

June 29, 2007: Mail For Exchange For the N95 and N73 - Coming Soon
Comments: 11 | Categories: Mobile Content , Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60 3rd Edition
Rumor over at S60blogg.se is that sometime today Mail for Exchange will be made available for download through Nokia Download!on the N73 and N95 devices and on the Business Software website. More Nseries devices are said to be supported sometime...

April 1, 2007: Nokia Purchases Apple's iPhone Trademark
Comments: 7 | Categories: Rumors Rumors Rumors!!
GadgetsTown reports that Nokia today purchased Apple's iPhone brand. The transaction cost Nokia 1.5 billion dollars and in return they own exclusive rights to Apples iPhone TradeMark. Almost all characteristics of phone will remain as announced: Multi-touch System, Intelligent Keyboard,...

March 26, 2007: The Creative Yet RUMORED N96
Comments: 5 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Rumors Rumors Rumors!! , S60 3rd Edition , Symbian
I love the creative minds of some folk. I received an email this morning about a new Nokia. The model number is the N96. The creative features include: 8.5 mm, 7.1 megapixel camera and 20x optical zoom symbian 9.5 3"...


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