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September 12, 2008: Morning Commuter Mobile Chat Day 1
Comments: 0 | Categories: Podcasts , Video
Day one (part 1, part 2) wasn't without a glitch or two but I did have a visitor from Sweden. I started off talking about Ovi. Moh (pronounced MOO like a cow makes) asked about politics. We learned he is...

September 11, 2008: Morning Commuter Mobile Chat
Comments: 5 | Categories: Mobile Content , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Podcasts , Video
Good morning, morning here in Texas nevertheless, Darla Mack readers. I want to try an experiment using Qik and my N95. Every morning (Monday through Friday) I have 20-30 minutes while driving to work, why not do something interesting with...

July 11, 2007: Voice of S60 #25 - Live from Chicago!
Comments: 1 | Categories: Nokia , Podcasts , S60
While in Chicago for the "Evening with S60" event, I got to embark in the "roundtable" experience with 2 people that I consider to be collegues. Ricky, Stefan and myself joined Phil for the Voice of S60 podcast #25 and...

June 19, 2007: Nokia Podcast App To Get an Update
Comments: 3 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , Podcasts , S60 , S60 3rd Edition
I've recently been tipped off that Nokia's Podcasting App is scheduled for an upgrade. Some of the updates include: 1. The upcoming version of the Nseries Music Player will support simple Bookmarking. (Remembers where you stopped listening to your podcast)...

May 29, 2007: Blog Talk Radio Show with T4 Show
Comments: 2 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Podcasts , Web/Tech
Last night I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Manna of the T4 Show. Now if you think he looks familiar then you would be presumably correct, but I'm not one to tell secrets! (see here, and here) It's...

May 17, 2007: SpodTronic for S60 v.3 = Mobile Radio and Podcasts
Comments: 7 | Categories: Music , Nokia , Nseries , Podcasts , S60 3rd Edition , S60 Software
Remember SpodRadio? I used to be a fan back in my v2 days, but really never looked into a v3 edition. Thanks to a read on WOMWorld I found that Nechbi has the details!! Since May 2007 spodtronic 2.1 is...

May 2, 2007: Voice of S60 Podcast #23 - The Gang's All Here
Comments: 1 | Categories: Podcasts , S60
Phil sums up the S60 Summit with an all-star cast in podcast #23. Matt Miller of ZDNet / Geek.com / MobileTechRoundup, Rafe Blandford of AllAboutSymbian.com, Michal Jerz of My-Symbian.com and Stefan Constantinescu of RingNokia.com joined Phil for the event coverage...

April 27, 2007: Want To Get To Know RingNokia? Voice of S60 Podcast Featuring Stefan Constantinescu
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Podcasts , S60
It's funny how you get to know people these days. I had the pleasure of first meeting Stefan Constantinescu of Ring Nokia at CES in Vegas, when he snuck up on me with his N93. We then hung out in...

March 6, 2007: Nokia Podcasting Updated With Google Calendar Subscription
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Podcasts , S60 3rd Edition
Our Nokia Podcasting expert, Steven Stewart, reveals that we may now subscribe to our Google Calendar through the newly updated Nokia Podcasting Application. Log into Google Calendar. From the Google calendar, select: Calendar Settings, Calendar Details. Add the XML link...

February 27, 2007: NokiaCast 16 - E65 Podcast
Comments: 1 | Categories: 3GSM 2007 , Eseries , Nokia , Podcasts
This is the first time that I've stumbled upon this site but I have immediately added it to my Podcast application. NokiaCast 16 gives a brief intro and discussion of the E65, the second of three devices introduced at 3GSM....


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