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October 9, 2008: iSync Plugin Available for the N96
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Ovi , PC Connectivity
After freaking out about my syncing issues with Ovi and my N96, my SG informed me today that the N96 plugin for iSync is now available for download. I am one of those people that MUST have my up-to-date contact...

October 2, 2008: Nokia Music PC App Graduates
Comments: 0 | Categories: Music , Nokia , PC Connectivity
The Nokia Music PC application just graduated out of beta yesterday. Its now at version 1.0 . Nokia Music lets you search, organise and listen to you music collection easily in one place; whether from your PC, mobile devices, CDs,...

March 25, 2008: Nokia PC Suite
Comments: 3 | Categories: Nokia , PC Connectivity
Jaspp.net reports the new version of PC Suite. Not sure of the new changes and updates of it and couldn't find anything on Nokia's PC Suite site. The download is available here and is in English. [via: Symbian Planet]

February 20, 2008: Nokia Text Messesenger
Comments: 2 | Categories: Nokia , PC Connectivity
Just when I was totally convinced that Window's Vista was the devil, Nokia Betalabs creates a cool little application for text messaging. Overview The application fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device. Naturally, the latest messages...

February 18, 2008: Moving Images from Flickr to Ovi Online Share
Comments: 1 | Categories: Mobile Content , Nokia , Ovi , PC Connectivity , Tips and Tricks
With all the news going on about Ovi's Online Share I'm sure I haven't been the only person to experience a bit of outages. I guess people are killing the servers! :) Since there is no method of importing your...

January 25, 2008: Nokia N82 FW Updated to 11.0.117 - With UDP Support
Comments: 3 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , PC Connectivity
There is a new FW available for the Nokia N82 and although slight changes have been made nothing is more exciting than having all of your data still available once completed. According to AllAboutSymbian, this is the first Nseries to...

January 22, 2008: Accelerometers Gone Wild
Comments: 2 | Categories: Bluetooth , Gadgets , Nseries , PC Connectivity , S60 Software
The ever expanding uses of the accelerometer never seem to cease or amaze. This latest development is the equivalent of using the N95 or similarly accelerometer equipped device as Wii controller. This is just one of the many accelerometer designs...

December 14, 2007: Nokia N95-3 Finally Gets an Update to v 11.2.009
Comments: 6 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , PC Connectivity
This morning when I connected my N95-3 I was notified of an available update. As you can see the newest FW is 11.2.009 but I don't know what the changelog is. As I'm typing this I am doing a back-up...

November 23, 2007: Social.FM - Tying People Together Through Music
Comments: 4 | Categories: Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Music , PC Connectivity , S60 3rd Edition
I've mentioned before that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music!! All kinds of music. And with Social.FM I can get my dosage of music from any means possible. I had the pleasure of chatting with Avikk Ghose from Social.FM and got...

November 21, 2007: Nokia Nseries PC Suite 2.0 Relaunches
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia , Nseries , PC Connectivity
The Nokia Nseries PC Suite has returned to Nokia's Betalabs site. Those of us who have requested the inclusion of Image Store will be happy to know that something similar is now included. Nokia Photos! Now I've noticed a similarity...


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