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July 8, 2009: Nokia N97 Themes: Color Me Abstract
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
One of the top Nokia Themers, and most respected theme artists over at MMC Forums is claritinkata. Kata, to friends, is a quiet and gentle soul who is loved and respected by her theming community. One look around her galleries...

May 14, 2009: Nokia N71 Themes: The Eyes Have It
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
Quietly churning out quality, original, Nokia Themes is sllavy. Big, bright eyes! How could we not notice? Such a quiet one, but his work speaks volumes. Abstract, well placed images. Clear text. Nice panels, clocks, and icons. Good stuff. Have...

April 29, 2009: Nokia 6500: Unicorns, Dragons, & Faeries! Oh My!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
Got a special place in your heart for fantastical creatures? Snakeraven from MMC Forums certainly does! If you're a fan of legendary beasts and creatures, you'll love Snakeraven's offerings! Add a little magic to your Nokia 6500 Classic or Slide:...

April 22, 2009: Nokia N95 Themes: Red Sky At Night
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
A favorite up and coming Nokia theme artist at MMC Forums is Dastgir. Three of Dastgir's most recent contributions have really caught my eye. Colors that evoke images of the setting sun and an island holiday... Exciting, yet relaxing all...

April 15, 2009: Nokia E51 Themes: Hot Competition!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
One of the most impressive Nokia theme artists is MMC Resident Themer Goozys. Goozys, or Goose as he's known to friends, was once a silent talent. He contributed quietly until the day he entered MMC's Round 1 Mini Comp. The...

February 18, 2009: Nokia Brand Themes
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
Here is a small selection of Nokia Themes by a themer of MMC Forums who goes by the name Lucap. In total there are about 20 themes in this Nokia tribute collection. I'll route out the rest and post them...

December 20, 2008: Nokia Christmas Themes
Comments: 2 | Categories: Nokia Themes
December 20th and there are still people telling me it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. What's going on with people? It's time for you ALL to get in to the festive spirit. I've still got a ton of Christmas shopping...

November 15, 2008: Feeling Festive? - Christmas Themes
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
Mid November and the run up to Christmas has long started, at least in the UK. All the towns and shopping centers (malls) have had their lights turned on by celebrities and everywhere is looking nice and festive. Am I...

October 17, 2008: Nokia theme time, TGI Friday!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
It's Friday! I'm so glad to see the back of this week, I've not stopped working. Yet amazingly here I am making my weekly appearance, on time! Though I have no special "theme" this week, I'm just going to send...

October 12, 2008: Dark Nokia Themes - Fridays Themes
Comments: 0 | Categories: Nokia Themes
Has it been a week already? 9 days even. It's amazing just how fast weeks pass these days, I have no idea where the time goes. Is it my age? We've already covered Halloween themes. What else is special about...


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