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October 2, 2008: Nokia Music PC App Graduates
Comments: 0 | Categories: Music , Nokia , PC Connectivity
The Nokia Music PC application just graduated out of beta yesterday. Its now at version 1.0 . Nokia Music lets you search, organise and listen to you music collection easily in one place; whether from your PC, mobile devices, CDs,...

June 17, 2008: Midomi Software Allows You To Find Music With Your Voice
Comments: 3 | Categories: Music , Nokia , S60 Software
One of the features that I loved with the N75 was the music recognition app. Something like that really needs to be implemented in all of the Nseries devices, but as you know it was an AT&T customized app. Although...

May 20, 2008: Putting the Nokia MD-5W to Work
Comments: 2 | Categories: Bluetooth , Handset Accessories , Music , Nokia , Nseries
I've mentioned in the past that I have mega playlists on my device(s) and love to listen to them wherever I am. Now since I don't have an N78 to utilize the FM Transmitter ability, nor do I have a...

May 14, 2008: Nokia Music Adds to the Bloat
Comments: 5 | Categories: Music
Nokia released Nokia Music to Beta Labs Tuesday. The application is a paltry 64MB addition to PC Suite, yet another sign that Nokia continues to develop applications that have increasing become bloatware. If Nokia Music were a standalone application such...

February 22, 2008: Some Thoughts and Ideas for Nokia's Music Store
Comments: 5 | Categories: Music , Nokia
I haven't encountered it yet, but I know its coming. I've been using Nokia's Music Store since its start, and thanks to the free vouchers that were passed out at Nokia World I've come across a pretty great deal of...

January 20, 2008: Nokia 3G Music Phone Approved by the FCC
Comments: 3 | Categories: Music , Nokia , Series 40
MobileWhack reports the findings of a new Nokia music phone on the horizon. The popular Nokia 5610 3G Slider XpressMusic phone (RM-358) has been approved. Estimated time of availability and price is unknown at this point, but we will keep...

January 7, 2008: Nokia's Music Store Should Have Music Recognition
Comments: 1 | Categories: Music , Nokia , Nseries
I've been using the Nokia Music Store on my N95 since its opened its doors. The ease of use from purchase to download is amazing (especially with a wifi connection). But I feel its missing something. The Music Recognition program...

November 23, 2007: Social.FM - Tying People Together Through Music
Comments: 4 | Categories: Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Music , PC Connectivity , S60 3rd Edition
I've mentioned before that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music!! All kinds of music. And with Social.FM I can get my dosage of music from any means possible. I had the pleasure of chatting with Avikk Ghose from Social.FM and got...

November 1, 2007: Nokia Music Store - Open for Business
Comments: 5 | Categories: Music , Nokia
AllAboutSymbian reports this morning that Nokia's Music Store is now open and running. Firefox and Music Recommender's will be faced with the same dilema as the Music Store does not work on Firefox's browser. Come on Nokia... no one really...

July 15, 2007: The Power of Bluetooth - Life Without Wires
Comments: 10 | Categories: Bluetooth , Gadgets , Handset Accessories , Music , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries , S60 , S60 3rd Edition
The first time I was introduced to bluetooth was with the Nokia N-Gage. Regardless of all the over dramatization of "side-talking", the N-Gage opened up a world of bluetooth opportunities with its multi-game playing capabilities. In my honest opinion if...


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