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May 12, 2009: Mobile Illusions, article 1: Phone security
Comments: 1 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves
This is article 1 of a short series about mobile illusions. For many of us a mobile phone has become a very personal device with modern phones having extended communication and media features. They take pictures, video's, send and receive...

October 23, 2008: Nokia Nseries Widget or Why Nokia Really Needs a Good Internal Communication System
Comments: 6 | Categories: Community , Flash Content , GPS , Mobile Content , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Nokia , Nseries
Nokia Nseries Widget Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen In order to view the Nokia Nseries Widget you need JavaScript and Flash Player 9+ support On one of those amusing trips down Internet Blackhole Lane last week that started at Twitter...

September 11, 2008: Swype? The latest and greatest on touchscreen typing?
Comments: 1 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves
The T9 inventors developped a new, fast input system for touchscreen typing. Tweakers.net a dutch site has a interesting post about it right here, but it's in dutch. In short, you simple drag your finger from key to key instead...

September 11, 2008: Morning Commuter Mobile Chat
Comments: 5 | Categories: Mobile Content , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Podcasts , Video
Good morning, morning here in Texas nevertheless, Darla Mack readers. I want to try an experiment using Qik and my N95. Every morning (Monday through Friday) I have 20-30 minutes while driving to work, why not do something interesting with...

August 15, 2008: Burn-Out Test of My Nokia N95 During a Fortnight of Vacation
Comments: 9 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves
For the summer vacation I planned two weeks of R&R for myself. For my Nokia N95 it became two weeks of very hard work. It was continuously at my beck and call, multitasking to every whim I felt. The perfect...

June 25, 2008: T-Mobile and AT&T Cutting Customers Off for Excessive Roaming
Comments: 0 | Categories: AT&T/Cingular News & Tips , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , T-Mobile USA News & Tips
OMG I was just having this discussion with Jeb Brilliant yesterday and smirked at the advantage of how long I've been roaming since moving to North Carolina. Guess it's nothing to smirk at anymore. This affects me greatly because I've...

May 15, 2008: Are Service Providers Hurting Developers?
Comments: 0 | Categories: Mobile Content , Mobile News, Rants & Raves
One thing that I don't understand is the role that carriers play when it comes to content developers. I can't speak of any goings-on outside of the US, so if someone can enlighten me to other regions please do. Being...

February 9, 2008: Mobile World Congress
Comments: 0 | Categories: 3GSM 2007 , Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Travel
Darla Mack is heading off to Barcelona, Spain to attend the Mobile World Conference (3GSM), February 11-14. This event is the place to be for all the latest and greatest in GSM from around the globe. There are already many...

January 28, 2008: Photo Tagging
Comments: 9 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves , Nseries , S60 Software
GPS has taken one more step forward with Nokia’s Location Tagger. There are several applications that add location tagging to pictures taken with your mobile device but most only add them as a tag, exactly how you or I would...

January 28, 2008: Mobile News of Interest
Comments: 2 | Categories: Mobile News, Rants & Raves
Just a few items of interest this week: AT&T revises data and messaging plan - Most notably MediaMax dropped $5 to $35, added two messaging bundles at $5 and $15 price points, three enterprise plans for iPhone users, and cut...


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