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November 3, 2009: Word Around the Watercooler is....
Comments: 21 | Categories: Blah Blah Blah , Life Events
Once upon a time, a little girl said "when I grow up, I wanna be different than the other girls. I wanna be badass, hang with the big boys and play with their toys. I wanna be remembered for being...

November 3, 2009: A message from Darla Mack
Comments: 13 | Categories: Life Events
Dear readers, I'm writing this with a huge smile on my face. Tonight, by total surprise, our favourite mobile diva sent me a message on MSN. First and foremost I'm happy she's alive and well. Darla has been without phone...

April 27, 2009: Great news about Darla!
Comments: 1 | Categories: Life Events
I'll keep this brief, but I wanted to share the great news with you all. I've just received an email from Darla and she's OK. I won't go in to detail, but she's had a LOT to deal with but...

April 9, 2009: So Where is Darla Mack
Comments: 9 | Categories: Life Events
As you've probably noticed, our beloved Darla has been AWOL the past couple of months. The truth of it is, nobody seems to know where she is or why she's disappeared. Though we do know she had some personal issues...

June 17, 2008: Moving Right Along....
Comments: 1 | Categories: Life Events
First, let me extend an apology to my readers. Yes I've been missing for a few weeks, but its within good reason... I was tired. Drained, stressed, flat out tired. In this crazy world of blogging, it honestly gets like...

March 29, 2008: You Are Virtually Invited To....
Comments: 0 | Categories: Life Events , Nokia , Nseries
One of the things that Nseries devices have proven to do over the years since its existence is introduce us to life as it happens. This is the best case scenario that I've seen yet to show the ultimate greatness...

December 31, 2007: Reflections of 2007 and Diving Into 2008 - A Game Plan
Comments: 9 | Categories: Life Events
I'm no good at predictions. I've often wondered how people could make predictions and be so dead on. I think Russell Beattie has been good at this. I can't even predict what will happen in my crazy world an hour...

December 25, 2007: Happy Holidays From the Diva!
Comments: 5 | Categories: Life Events
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday !

December 17, 2007: 8 Days and Counting... What's on your Christmas List?
Comments: 5 | Categories: Life Events
The holiday season approaches and I've decided that this is family time for me. Preparing for Christmas and all the other activities that my kids will be involved in beforehand. Lol, I still say that I don't remember having such...

November 10, 2007: Clean Bill of Health!!
Comments: 4 | Categories: Life Events
After having a rough month my doctor gave me the thumbs up sign for my after surgery follow-up. No sign of infection!!!!! Whew!!! I hate health scares, but it taught me to start taking better care of myself and to...


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