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October 19, 2008: Golden iPhone 3G on the horizon...
Comments: 0 | Categories: iPhone 3G
Yes, you read it right. A luxury warehouse, 'de bijenkorf' (eng. 'the beehive'), in the Netherlands is going to sell golden iphones coming tuesday. Unknown if it is gold, goldplated or simply painted. Most likely it will be the 24...

July 25, 2008: iPhone 3G From White and Black to Red
Comments: 0 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Cellphones , iPhone 3G
Consumers had a choice this time around with the iPhone of either black or white. Unfortunately, in order to get the white one you had to opt for the 16gb. Rumor has it over at MacBlogz that Apple will be...

July 24, 2008: From Nokia to Iphone 3G and Back
Comments: 6 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , Eseries , iPhone 3G , Nokia , Nseries
It's suffice to say that 1.5 weeks is enough time to determine if the device you have is in fact the device you want. In that amount of time I have come to the conclusion that I have purchased a...

July 15, 2008: iPhone 3G vs Nokia S60 Touch
Comments: 13 | Categories: Gadgets , iPhone 3G , Nokia , Nseries , S60
I know that title got alot of your attention so let me quickly explain where I'm going with this. This is basically a "First Thought" of the iPhone. Alot of people were shocked that I bought an iPhone. For the...

July 11, 2008: iPhone 3G 16gb Finally
Comments: 10 | Categories: iPhone 3G
After that "not-so-long-line" this morning I finally walked away with my 16gb white iPhone 3G. Some things that I encountered in the purchase process is that contrary to my previous post on Engadget confirming my suspicions (in which the bits...


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