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October 11, 2008: iPhone being banned in the Netherlands?
Comments: 5 | Categories: iPhone
Yes, it is. More or less. There is a new law in the Netherlands that forbids the sale of (electronic) devices containing batteries that can not easily be removed for disposal. The regulation is there to prevent polluting batteries ending...

July 11, 2008: Truphone Get's iPhone Ready
Comments: 1 | Categories: iPhone , VoIP
Truphone has announced the availability of its popular application to new iPhone 3G users as well as 1st Gen iPhone users. Truphone saves you money on iPhone calls by routing calls via Wi-Fi. Why is this great? * Absurdly low...

June 30, 2008: Shozu Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You
Comments: 0 | Categories: Apple/Mac , iPhone , Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Social Media
Shozu has announced that they will have a version coming soon for iPhone users. ShoZu will be added to Apple’s iPhone Application Store and for download from iTunes. ONce set up you will be able to add your favorite social...

June 30, 2008: Engadget Confirms My 3G iPhone Confusions
Comments: 0 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , iPhone
Thanks to a detailed post on Engadget I now feel more confident in my upcoming iPhone purchase. I guess now the only thing I need to battle with is black or white, 8gb or 16gb. Of course whatever color I...

June 27, 2008: iPhone 3G Price Plan Confusion
Comments: 8 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , AT&T/Cingular News & Tips , Gadgets , iPhone
Sometimes AT&T reps are clueless. This leaves consumers clueless. And sometimes with me it doesn't take much to render me clueless! After reading all the info I possibly could I was lead to believe that once Apple's iPhone 3G was...

June 2, 2008: The Intrigue of the iPhone
Comments: 13 | Categories: iPhone
This weekend I had the pleasure of checking out the Sex and the City movie. Being a huge fan of the series it was just mandatory that I get gussied up in New York style and hustle myself to the...


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