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October 18, 2008: Firefox Mobile Alpha for N810/N800
Comments: 0 | Categories: Internet Tablet , Nokia
As early as early can be, Mozilla has announced that Firefox Mobile AKA Fennec is in alpha and can be installed on Nokia N810 and N800 internet tablets. Although the site only mentions the N810 I've installed it on the...

August 11, 2008: First Flash-Free Diablo Update Released
Comments: 1 | Categories: Internet Tablet
The first Nokia Internet Tablet update since Diablo OS2008's release, a little over a month ago, promising OS updates without flashing was released today. Update 4.2008.30-2 is 13.7MB in size; also available Maps, a 4.9MB update. Both updates downloaded...

August 5, 2008: Nokia Interet Tablets, S60 Not Required
Comments: 2 | Categories: Internet Tablet , Nseries , S60
Whether Nokia's intention or not, since my acquisition of the Nokia Internet Tablet N810, I have found I use my Nokia N95-3 less and less as a smartphone or multimedia computer, as Nokia has coined it, and more as an...

August 4, 2008: "iPhone" Sites On Nokia Internet Tablets
Comments: 2 | Categories: Internet Tablet
Whether an iPhone fan or not, the platform is helping the change the lack luster world of the mobile Internet. The iPhone has become the catalyst to drive the mobile Internet into the future that we've been needing and wanting....

August 2, 2008: Mauku Marries Jaiku & Twitter
Comments: 0 | Categories: Internet Tablet
As promised the ever talented Henrik Hedberg has released Mauku 0.5.0 for the Nokia Internet Tablets. NIT Jaikuers and Twitters alike will love this update with nice blend for each SocNet (Social Network). Running Mauku on Diablo is much quicker,...

July 25, 2008: Twitter via Mauku
Comments: 0 | Categories: Internet Tablet
Internet Tablet Twitter users need not be jealous of Jaiku's Mauku application any longer. The genius behind Mauku has now incorporated Twitter into this long standing Maemo favorite. Atmasphere at Featured Maemo Apps explains how to download this latest revision...

July 24, 2008: Ditch That Pen & Paper
Comments: 2 | Categories: Internet Tablet
I love applications that simply life but who doesn't? While you'll almost never see me without my phone and Internet Tablet these days, I frequently lack a pen for that uber-quick note. Here to the rescue is Xournal. This awesome...

July 3, 2008: Nokia Family Vacation
Comments: 6 | Categories: Gadgets , GPS , Handset Accessories , Internet Tablet , Nokia , Nseries , Travel
From July 1 through July 12 I am on vacation in Washington State, my home state. The weather here in Seattle, these first 2 days, has been excellent and a delightful change from the usual July weather in Dallas/Fort Worth,...

July 2, 2008: Diablo is on FIRE!
Comments: 3 | Categories: Internet Tablet
I wasn't able to try out the Diablo Beta, now that the release is official, and I have upgraded, I'm thrilled. Late last week Nokia released the latest update to the Internet Tablet, Diablo: version 4 of the current Nokia...

May 12, 2008: The iPhone Effect
Comments: 1 | Categories: Internet Tablet
The iPhone effect has on the market place is undeniable. For the first time in the US, mobile carriers have seen subscribers willing to pay, top dollar even, for a mobile device. The iPhone has also affected the internet. S60...


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