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September 22, 2008: Resident Evil Degeneration Coming to N-Gage
Comments: 1 | Categories: Games , Mobile Content , N-Gage , Nokia
Nokia and Capcom have announced that Resident Evil Denegeration will be coming to N-Gage later this year. I've been waiting for Capcom to bring RE to N-Gage since 2006 when they announced The Missions so I'm definitely looking forward to...

June 23, 2008: Second Life Goes Mobile
Comments: 3 | Categories: Games , Java Apps , S60
3D software company, Vollee has brought Second Life to mobile devices all around. Now I will admit... I have been on Second Life, but not long enough to warrant using this app on a daily basis. I have checked it...

May 23, 2008: Note to N-Gage Users - There Will Be a Way
Comments: 0 | Categories: Games , Mobile Content , N-Gage , Nokia
Don't you just love the internet? It didn't take long for the N-Gage news story to circulate, but fortunately it got to the right area. According to today's article in PCWorld it looks like N-Gage users will be able to...

May 22, 2008: N-Gage Games Locked to Single Device - This Can't Be Good
Comments: 4 | Categories: Games , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries
In an interesting article this morning by Tzer2 at AllAboutNgage, users were informed that purchased N-Gage games are not transferable to another device. We multi-device users know exactly what this means... LOCKED! This sounds harsh coming from Nokia, but is...

April 30, 2008: Nokia's MOSH Launches Sponsored Games
Comments: 1 | Categories: Games , Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Nokia
As explained by the "still don't know who he his" voice of MOSH (AKA Russell) and the cool SMS alert that I received, MOSH is now offering what they call "Sponsored Games" and what I call "free". Sponsored Games includes...

April 21, 2008: Celebrate N-Gage With FIFA 08 Free Download!
Comments: 2 | Categories: Games , Mobile Content , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries
To celebrate the launch of the new N-Gage platform, Nokia is giving away a free copy of EA Sports FIFA 08 for compatible Nseries devices. Better jump on this quick because the first 120,000 people get their game for free....

February 21, 2008: Fashion & Mobile - Introducing Anina Dress-Up!
Comments: 0 | Categories: 360Fashion , Development , Games , Java Apps , Mobile Content , Nokia
In November 2007, Fashion met Mobile with the introduction of Anina's Trivia Game. At Nokia World 2007 I had the pleasure of finally meeting Anina who has trail blazed the net with the art of combining Mobile, Technology and Fashion...

February 5, 2008: N-Gage First Access Finally Launches
Comments: 1 | Categories: Games , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition
Monday's are never good blogging days for me. So of course when N-Gage First Access was announced, I was in the middle of grocery shopping. But Ewan Spence and Ricky Cadden pretty much covered the basis, including the intro of...

November 19, 2007: Anina Brings Fashion Trivia Mobile!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Games , Java Apps , Nokia
International model, founder of the 360Fashion network, Forum Nokia Champion and my good buddy Anina, has launched her amazing Fashion Trivia game! Together with with MobileRated.com, Anina Fashion Trivia is available to all java supported devices. If you are a...

November 12, 2007: Free N-Gage Game For N81 Users
Comments: 2 | Categories: Games , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries , S60 3rd Edition , S60 Software
Nokia Asia has a special promotion site for new N81 users. To celebrate your new purchase, Nokia is offering your first game for free. How cool is that. How to get your game: Simply register with your personal details including...


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