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October 10, 2008: More Anti-Consumer Changes
Comments: 1 | Categories: AT&T/Cingular News & Tips , Current Affairs
A day after Verizon announced a 3 cent premium charge for SMS content providers, AT&T sent this message out to their prepaid subscribers. AT&T was a in minority for US carriers by offering real data options without the need for...

August 14, 2008: Does Race Affect The Way Technology Is Used?
Comments: 16 | Categories: Current Affairs
Darla and I were talking recently about something that came about because she is black, Blatalian ( Black Italian) if you ask her. Is there a Blatalian on the Census form and I missed it? Regardless, she wondered why or...

August 11, 2008: Missing Out On Word of Mouth
Comments: 0 | Categories: Current Affairs
Zach Epstein, from The Boy Genius Report, made a great point about Nokia missing the opportunity to possibly "crack" into the Blackberry by promoting the E71 to Blackberry bloggers. While I agree, I think the issue is bigger than this...

June 21, 2008: Carrier Immunity Another Step Closer
Comments: 0 | Categories: Current Affairs
It would be convenient to blame Mr. Bush or even Congress for this story; the truth, however, is we, the American people, are just as much to blame. The American public is known for their political apathy, myself included, which...

May 20, 2008: FCC Asked to Investigate Handset Exclusivity Deals
Comments: 3 | Categories: Current Affairs
Rural carriers are asking the FCC to look into the handset exclusivity practice that has become common place among the market today. Rural carriers claim that such deals preclude them from offering popular handsets and stifle the industry. What do...

March 25, 2008: Mobile Lawsuits
Comments: 0 | Categories: Current Affairs
Verizon, among others, were named in a lawsuit regarding the premium service charge for entries into "Deal or No Deal" and "Sole Survived." The suit based in California alleges that the contests were illegal lotteries. AT&T Mobility continued to defend...

February 19, 2008: Mobile & Web 2.0 Stability
Comments: 3 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Current Affairs , Development , Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Nokia , Nokia Discussions , Nseries , Ovi , Video , Web 2.0 , Weblogs
With the rise of many sites in recent months what keeps people coming back varies from person to person. You can bet what will keep people away, unreliable services and ignoring customer's needs; essentially the same things that affect every...

August 2, 2006: Nokia Ranks #6 of The Top 100 Brands
Comments: 0 | Categories: Current Affairs , Nokia
In an article on Businessweek, Interbrand has voted Nokia #6 out of the top 100 valuable brands in the world. Not bad... but its not just the name its the reputations that the companies carry. According to Businessweek, to even...


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