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October 22, 2008: Nokia Launches its Smallest Headset Ever: The BH-804
Comments: 0 | Categories: Bluetooth , Nokia
Nokia has unveiled its smallest Bluetooth headset to date with the launch of the BH-804 yesterday. Combining "cutting-edge technology" with an aluminum case, slim lines and a compact size, Nokia is angling the hands-free device to its more stylish users....

May 20, 2008: Putting the Nokia MD-5W to Work
Comments: 2 | Categories: Bluetooth , Handset Accessories , Music , Nokia , Nseries
I've mentioned in the past that I have mega playlists on my device(s) and love to listen to them wherever I am. Now since I don't have an N78 to utilize the FM Transmitter ability, nor do I have a...

January 22, 2008: Accelerometers Gone Wild
Comments: 2 | Categories: Bluetooth , Gadgets , Nseries , PC Connectivity , S60 Software
The ever expanding uses of the accelerometer never seem to cease or amaze. This latest development is the equivalent of using the N95 or similarly accelerometer equipped device as Wii controller. This is just one of the many accelerometer designs...

November 13, 2007: Bluetooth Keyboard Worth Looking At
Comments: 9 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Bluetooth , Handset Accessories
I'm slowly moving into the world of Apple, but I'll get there eventually. Having used the SU-8W bluetooth keyboard since owning my Nokia 6600 I really didn't come across anything that interested me... until now. Scott Janousek has an article...

August 3, 2007: Who's Ears Are These Headsets For?
Comments: 9 | Categories: Bluetooth , Handset Accessories
Warning... this post might come across as totally unimportant to some. I've come across many bluetooth headsets over the years. Some more comfortable than the last. Some with pretty nifty designs but less function and some with all the functions...

August 2, 2007: FCC Approves New Bluetooth GPS Module - Nokia LD-4W
Comments: 1 | Categories: Bluetooth , Handset Accessories , Nokia
According to MobileWhack, the FCC has approved the new Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module. The Nokia LD-4W works as an add-on to bluetooth enabled devices including the Nokia 770. Price and availability hasn't been determined yet.

July 31, 2007: The Return of MobiLuck
Comments: 1 | Categories: Bluetooth , S60 3rd Edition , S60 Software
I haven't heard news of Mobiluck for over a year now. It was one of those apps that I should've included on my list of apps that needed to be updated for 3rd edition. I received an email today informing...

July 15, 2007: The Power of Bluetooth - Life Without Wires
Comments: 10 | Categories: Bluetooth , Gadgets , Handset Accessories , Music , N-Gage , Nokia , Nseries , S60 , S60 3rd Edition
The first time I was introduced to bluetooth was with the Nokia N-Gage. Regardless of all the over dramatization of "side-talking", the N-Gage opened up a world of bluetooth opportunities with its multi-game playing capabilities. In my honest opinion if...

June 11, 2007: Finally, a Bluetooth Dongle for People on the Go
Comments: 3 | Categories: Bluetooth
One of the reason that I'm afraid of my BT dongle is because it just sticks our screaming for someone to bang into it. But noticing that when my Nseries devices are connected via BT Windows recognizes them as both...

March 21, 2007: Fashion Headsets for Spring
Comments: 0 | Categories: Bluetooth , Handset Accessories , Nokia
Well, its official... today is the first day of Spring!! Time to shed all of that black in my wardrobe. When it comes to accessories I've been known to match my stuff to my phone and not my wardrobe for...


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