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July 25, 2008: iPhone 3G From White and Black to Red
Comments: 0 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Cellphones , iPhone 3G
Consumers had a choice this time around with the iPhone of either black or white. Unfortunately, in order to get the white one you had to opt for the 16gb. Rumor has it over at MacBlogz that Apple will be...

July 24, 2008: From Nokia to Iphone 3G and Back
Comments: 6 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , Eseries , iPhone 3G , Nokia , Nseries
It's suffice to say that 1.5 weeks is enough time to determine if the device you have is in fact the device you want. In that amount of time I have come to the conclusion that I have purchased a...

July 11, 2008: iPhone 3G Friday
Comments: 2 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , Gadgets
It's 6:33AM here in Goldsboro North Carolina, and as you can see this might possibly be the shortest iPhone line so far. Most of the users are existing iPhone users looking to get the newest version. The first people to...

June 30, 2008: Shozu Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You
Comments: 0 | Categories: Apple/Mac , iPhone , Mobile 2.0 , Mobile Content , Social Media
Shozu has announced that they will have a version coming soon for iPhone users. ShoZu will be added to Apple’s iPhone Application Store and for download from iTunes. ONce set up you will be able to add your favorite social...

June 30, 2008: Engadget Confirms My 3G iPhone Confusions
Comments: 0 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , iPhone
Thanks to a detailed post on Engadget I now feel more confident in my upcoming iPhone purchase. I guess now the only thing I need to battle with is black or white, 8gb or 16gb. Of course whatever color I...

June 27, 2008: iPhone 3G Price Plan Confusion
Comments: 8 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , AT&T/Cingular News & Tips , Gadgets , iPhone
Sometimes AT&T reps are clueless. This leaves consumers clueless. And sometimes with me it doesn't take much to render me clueless! After reading all the info I possibly could I was lead to believe that once Apple's iPhone 3G was...

June 24, 2008: Can Nokia Make it All Just Work?
Comments: 9 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Nokia
First let me apologize for any anti-apple statements that I might have made over the years. Lol, I've written so much that I don't really recall if I have or haven't said anything... but just in case. In the past...

March 11, 2008: Using Nokia Devices with Mac OSX
Comments: 9 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Nokia
If you recall, one of my New Years resolutions was to get rid of Windows and enhance myself to a Mac. Well as of last Friday I did just that!! Now it's not a new Mac but I've heard that...

November 13, 2007: Bluetooth Keyboard Worth Looking At
Comments: 9 | Categories: Apple/Mac , Bluetooth , Handset Accessories
I'm slowly moving into the world of Apple, but I'll get there eventually. Having used the SU-8W bluetooth keyboard since owning my Nokia 6600 I really didn't come across anything that interested me... until now. Scott Janousek has an article...

October 10, 2007: Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone? - The Question Has Been Answered
Comments: 1 | Categories: 3G , Apple/Mac , Cellphones , Gadgets , Nokia , Nseries , Phone Reviews , S60 3rd Edition
Jonathan Greene of Atmaspheric Endeavors has hit the nail on the head with his incredible post that answers the question that's been on the minds of many mobile enthusiasts.... N95 or iPhone? An honest opinion has to come from a...


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