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February 12, 2009: Nokia & Facebook Friends, Maybe
Comments: 3 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Blah Blah Blah , Nokia , Ovi , Social Media
I'm honestly at a lost when it comes to Nokia these days. Nokia has spent millions on new acquisitions to develop their own offerings for everything Nokia. The problem of course while Nokia is the largest single mobile device manufacture...

August 27, 2008: Jaiku Is Back
Comments: 25 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Jaiku
Jaiku is officially back online within the last couple hours. Jaiku has been offline since Saturday for the move to Google's servers, which was originally suppose to take only the weekend. Apparantly Jaiku took a cue from Flickr with its...

August 6, 2008: "Fringentators" Reporting From China
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet
Fring announced today they have recuited several "fringentators" to report live from Bejing. Olympic fans will surely want to head over and check out another exciting way to follow your favorite events. Bejing is +8 GMT, quite the time difference...

July 28, 2008: Living the Life of a Global Nomad
Comments: 1 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Travel , Weblogs
Anyone knowing Andy Abramson will know that you just can't find him in one set location. That man travels like nobody's business. Hence the proper term.... "global nomad". Yep, that's Andy. I've had the pleasure of being abroad with Andy...

June 22, 2008: Meet N Greet 2.0
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet
Twitter can be more than just a great way to waste time, it can can also help you network and meet new interesting people; there was one of these opportunities this past Saturday in the Dallas area. While attending this...

May 30, 2008: A Video Look at the Nokia E71
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Eseries , Nokia
I can always count on the BGR to get a first glimpse of something and post it out there for the world to see. I say that in the most lovingly jealous way possible, lol. Along with his review of...

May 30, 2008: The Evolution of the Mobile Phone
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Cellphones
While browsing Nokia Conversations I came across this really cool video which they have dubbed on their site as "Video of the Day". I can totally see why! We've come a long way baby... but we still got miles to...

May 7, 2008: Congratulations Henry Needle!
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet , Nokia , Nseries
Although Henry Needle's career and Great Pockets business was short-lived due to the introduction on the N95, his name and reputation was around long enough for him to win a webby! This year, Great Pockets was selected as a winner...

April 29, 2008: "Real" Cheap Tripod
Comments: 0 | Categories: All Around the Internet
Those with the Nokia DT-22 might want to snag one of these KraftTech 60'' Adjustable Camera Tripods while they last on Buy.com. I can't vouch for the actual quality of the tripod but for $10 and free budget shipping, its...

April 23, 2008: Twitter’s Value Beyond A SocNet
Comments: 1 | Categories: All Around the Internet , SMS , Social Media , Tips and Tricks
Despite Twitter’s popularity there are a number of people for whatever reason that choose not to sign up. I think most of these people only see Twitter for the SocNet value and full of useless noise and chatter, if not...


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