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July 19, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 to have a larger screen

by Ernest Doku

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is believed to have initially planned for a bigger display in its new thin and lightweight Nokia Lumia 925, according to a recent report.

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This has come to light in an interview with Niilo Alfthan, Senior Design Manager for Smartphones at Nokia.

ZDNET quoted him in an article, saying -

"Not all of the technologies that the designers want to include will eventually make it into a device, however."

"In the 925's case, a bigger display was on the drawing board but was pulled after it was found to be monkeying with the all-important antenna."

"We were trying an idea where we were trying to fit a bigger display and in that point in time"

"we were thinking let's make a bigger display... then we realised it did not help because of the antenna — there was interference,"

The larger display size wasn't given, but it would have been beyond that of the 4.5-inch AMOLED screen, found in the shipping model.

Jonne Harju, another Senior Design Manager for Windows Phones at Nokia, was also present and he added:

"We are always, always stretching the limits,"

"We know sometimes it's very, very tight for a technology to be mature enough in the timeframe [for it to be included in a device]"

"but we think 'let's try to do it', because then if you start something it can be moved to the next device — at least we've started something."

"If you don't start some new innovation, you don't necessarily get the result later on."

That well know Twitter tipster @evleaks has now mentioned an unknown codename of yet-to-be-seen Nokia mobile phone, Nokia Rivendale.

Perhaps the larger screen Nokia is still on the cards, with Riverdale; stay tuned for more.

Via: WMPoweruser


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