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July 13, 2010

Murtazin Defends Nokia N8 Review

by Ernest Doku


Last night, Eldar Murtazin defended his review of the as yet unreleased Nokia N8 as journalism, whilst bashing Nokia's claims that he has been in league with one of Nokia's competitors as "puerile slander".

In his post earlier this year, Murtazin described as possibly the "disappointment of the year" and the post contained photos of the phone, which Nokia cite as evidence that he had the phone in his possession.

Subsequently Nokia solicited the help of the Russian police to help recover the phone.

Murtazin claims that he never had the phone, but merely has "access" to it, for a few hours a day at best. Furthermore he has defended his right as a journalist to maintain the confidentiality of his source and has presented photographs of membership to the Professional Union of Journalists of Russia and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

The case resembles the saga when Gizmodo came into possession of the iPhone 4 32GB. Initially it was claimed that the device was left in a bar, but subsequent investigations found that Gizmodo has bought it.

However, in this instance Murtazin never claimed to having bought the phone and Nokia havent explicitly accused him of theft, yet. In both cases the manufacturer has been left extremely red-faced and Nokia have been particularly displeased with the negative impact the review will have on sales of the N8.

Nokia had not responded to Murtazin's post at time of press.


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