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July 15, 2010

Microsoft Silverlight comes to Symbian handsets, available now on Ovi Store

by Ernest Doku


Whilst Apple and Adobe fight like petulant children over getting Flash content onto the iPhone, Microsoft and Nokia are canoodling and exchanging sweet nothings, making their Silverlight platform available to Symbian-powered smartphones.

Silverlight is a platform for animation, interactive applications and streaming media that consistently runs across multiple platforms and multiple browsers, and this marks the first time that the software has arrived to mobiles in earnest.

Compatible with the 20 million plus owners of the Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini, Silverlight is a free download on the Ovi Store, and allows all compatible content to be viewed within the browser.

Gorgeous examples of the potential of Silverlight include Darimeya and Birmingham's beautifully zoomable Pre-Raphaelite art collection.

The real question is whether future builds of the operating system, namely Symbian^3 and ^4, will continue to be compatible with the format. We know that Microsoft is pinning Silverlight onto Windows Phone 7 as an app development platform for casual games, Nokia will certainly benefit from being along for the ride.

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S deals with Android Market as well as their own application store to keep users entertained and the iPhone 4 32GB has room for well over 2,000 apps, a more web-based solution for Nokia's future software and gaming output might be best served with Silverlight.


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