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December 01, 2009

Nokia N900 scratch tests

by Paul

Checkout the first in a series of stress tests performed by the guys at tehkSEVEN.net. That would be myself and Jon.

The aim of the tests, is to figure out exactly how robust the N900 actually is, whether you need a screen protector, invisibleShield or a full body case. Initially the N900 feels like a very solid device, but what happens when it's put under pressure?

The first test is the Scratch test. We applied reasonable pressure with the stylus, a coin and a key to see whether the screen would scratch. Using mild pressure, both the coin and the key caused some quite significant damage. Frankly we were really disappointed with how the N900 performed in the first test. During the same tests, the N97 and iPhone screens remained scratch free.

Check back tomorrow to see how the N900 coped with being dropped from various heights.

Source: tehkSEVEN - N900 scratch tests


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