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December 08, 2009

Nokia 3210 vs. Apple iPhone 3GS: The Ultimate Mobile Phone Comparison!

by Ernest Doku

Nokia_3210_3Whilst it’s easy to wax lyrical about capacitive touch screens and twelve megapixel lenses today, time was once that this technology was uncommon in homes -- let alone the pockets -- of most people a mere ten years ago.

We at Omio have decided to pit today’s hottest mobile phone – the Apple iPhone 3GS – against the biggest handset from 1999 (both literally and figuratively…), the Nokia 3210.

From form factor to battery life, gaming and durability to the all important dunk test – we compare the new iPhone 3GS to the classic Nokia device in the most thorough, detailed and most importantly fair mobile phone comparison of all time.

We used laboratory conditions to ensure accurate results (I wore a lab coat), and undertook every precaution to keep the Nokia 3210 feeling comfortable with an authentically retro setting.

Now, in the interests of a fair test, we did charge the battery of the iPhone for twelve hours beforehand, to ensure it would last the duration of our exercise.

The results can be seen for themselves in the below footage.

How far we’ve come…


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Wow, I didn't think anyone could be so fair to the iPhone or any of it's ilk. I keep seeing it compared to superior phones all the time, but for someone to compare it to a phone with similar capabilities is amazing. Having said that, only the first iPhone should be compared to the 3210, and the 3GS version should really be compared with the Nokia 3510i (my pick for most influential handset of the 00s) to be completely fair to both handsets.

Aditya Singhvi

Lols.. This is how a review should be done... the iPhone gets justice! :)

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