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October 28, 2009

Nokia N97 Update Offers Kinetic Scrolling, VoIP Support

by Ernest Doku

A major update for the Nokia N97 has just been released, tightening up a bevy of features for the Symbian smart phone. Already available for download from the Nokia site, version 20.0.019 promises changes both large and small.

The big one is certain to be kinetic scrolling, bringing much needed fluency and consistency to the Nokia N97's user interface. Yes, the S60-sporting 5530 Xpressmusic saw this upgrade a good few months ago, but it is here now and the change is decidedly for the better.

The Ovi Maps 3.1 update also brings 3-D maps, more accurate positioning, and improved search functionality to an already strong service. Nokia Messaging, Ovi Store, and finally support for VoIP calls have also been added.

Tweaks under the hood include improvements in memory and battery performance, and image and video stability for the slightly underwhelming camera..

Despite cutting it fine with the imminent release of the Nokia N97 Mini and soon-to-be flagship Nokia N900, it is great to see Nokia continuing to support the Symbian platform with verve.

Hopefully this will come as good news to Jon of Tehkseven.net, who just recently voiced his concerns about the Nokia N97's lacklustre performance...


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Mike Bowen

The Nokia 5800XM has NOT received such an update yet. We are still waiting for Kinetic scrolling and various features that are appearing in new models.

Ernest Doku

Cheers, you're right. My slip, amended.

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