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October 14, 2009

Nokia N900: Impressions From Around The Web

by Ernest Doku


Pre-release models of the Nokia N900 have been landing on the desks of bloggers and analysts around the country, with first impressions and videos of the Memo-powered mobile computer beginning to filter through.

Slashgear's unboxing of the device shows off Nokia's flagship computer, with the N900's 3.5" screen and QWERTY-slider form factor given a good airing.

Ewan has a great live unboxing of the Nokia N900 of MobileDeveloper.tv, showing off the intuitive nature of the device and his positive 'unfiltered opinion'.

The accompanying post on Mobile Industry Review had Ewan blown away by the N900's prowess, with the following quote encapsulating his feelings pretty nicely:

"...let me make this early prediction: If the N900 captures sufficient attention from the mobile developer community to at least get all of the favourites (and then some) ported on to Maemo… I think this is going to be a device to be reckoned with.

It completely kicks much of the iPhone 3GS experience into touch. It makes the iPhone look like a Fisher Price ‘My First Phone’ with it’s multi-tasking brilliance."

The reason why Nokia has been reiterating that the N900 is an internet tablet rather than a phone becomes apparent, as the multitasking and user interface of the N900 begins to shine.

Further videos showing off the picture quality, and even how the N900 works with Google Wave are included, as Ewan gives a comprehensive roundup of the device.


Unwired View has taken the intensive approach, with the first part of their impressions now up after 15 hours of hardcore testing. Their feeling?

"The bottom line – I’m impressed. Very impressed. Really, really impressed."

From the initial steup sequence to organising the desktop, their run through of the N900 is equally fawning over Maemo's ability to multitask whilst looking gorgeous, as well as being quick and responsive with a resistive touch screen.

Despite being a pre-release model, the Nokia N900 is equally regarded as a mobile computer with phone features rather than a smartphone, taking particular time to comment on the impressive internet functionality.

A full Firefox browser with HTML, Flash and Javascript support, they reckon the Nokia N900 presents desktop-quality browsing on the 3.5", 800 pixel wide resolution display...with the screenshots to back it up.


It's not all sunshine and rainbows, however, with their negatives to follow.

As we wait for the official launch of the N900, it's exciting to see the positive response to Nokia's flagship device in the industry.

To focus on Maemo as the flagship platform in the face of Windows Mobile 6.5 and iPhone OS is a necessary risk, and it is good to see that it might well have paid off.

When looking at the multitasking functionality, support for S60 applications and sheer slickness of the user interface, the Nokia N900 has every chance of bringing the Finnish manufacturer shoulder to shoulder with the best.

The most exciting part? That the N900 may be a bit more of a niche device, and 'step 4 in a 5-step process' of where Nokia is going.

The promise of a mass market handset with Maemo on the way is even more encouraging for the future of Nokia, but the N900 will do just fine in the meantime.


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It's a 3G as well as Wi Fi phone and it's have more features than others I really like it..Thanks for share with us...

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