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October 26, 2009

Nokia, fix my Nokia N97. A video letter.

by Paul

Jon from Tehkseven.net has published a video, directed at Nokia, asking them to address the issues with the Nokia N97.

It's 4 months now since the initial launch of the N97 and there are still many issues that remain unaddressed, mainly with the firmware. 

Firmware 2.0 is due to be released... soon? but whether that actually fixes the many bugs or not is another thing.

One of the great points in the video, is requesting Nokia to pay more attention to firmware, and questioning why they are releasing a multitude of new devices, when their current "flagship" device is still not fit for the purpose in which it was bought, 4 months later.

I love Nokia, but I agree with the sentiments of the video. Nokia really need to pull their finger out and start paying extra attention to the firmware. It's a serious issue when Nokia fans lose faith and move to another brand.

Source: TehkSeven A Message to Nokia


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