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October 19, 2009

Darla, Darla, oh Darla Mack, when are you coming back?

by Ms. Jen

Dear Darla,

Ms. Jen here.  Where are you? Are you coming back?  Are you ok?

I am not really interested in writing about mobile in this space, your blog, when in fact I am quite worried about you the person.  Worried about your completely dropping off the internet, worried that you aren't responding to any inquiries through various channels, worried about your safety or health or whatever it is that caused you to decamp and depart.

If you need space and time, great, but just one of us know (like Matthew) that you are alive and breathing.  If you need help, even a little thing, there are more than a few of us who will extend a hand happily and willingly.  Please let us know.

smiles, jen ;o)


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Yeah, WHERE are you??
We miss you!

Ricky Cadden

I realize you guys have your own team to make decisions, but perhaps it's time to put this site to rest? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but if none of you have heard from Darla in X months, it would seem that she's not uber-worried about it.

Perhaps not take it down entirely, but just put up a final post saying the site is on hiatus or something similar?

Ms. Jen

Hi Ricky,

I agree with you, which is why along with concern, I posted this post. To me it doesn't seem right to keep posting when we haven't heard from Darla in months and months. When she originally went away last winter, she was happy to have folks continue to post, but it has been over 8+ months and I am now concerned about her welfare and I am not comfortable to keep posting with no contact from Darla.


Darla is one of the rock stars of the Nokia blogging scene, and she's greatly missed. I could care less where she writes, but I'd like to hear her opinion more often. DM is the first blog I found when I bought my first Symbian device, and I have a hard time letting go of this formerly great blog.

I love Ms Jen, but we all want Darla to at least Tweet us here and there, and let us know when or if she'll be returning. DM is an institution, but there are plenty other places online, and without its namesake, its just not the same reading here so sporadically.

I'm almost ready to delete it from my RSS feed, but I'm holding out hope. At least she has a great team in her stead.

C. Enrique Ortiz

Darla! where are you? hope all is well!



This was also the first blog I found when I got my first symbian device, I wish Darla was covering all the latest stuff from Nokia.


Indeed strange that shes lost. Stupid ? question: She was known as a person with like zillion phones, so why not just call her over cell


This was the very first site i came to when i brought my first smart phone... kinda been attached to it ever since


Days in this life without the mobile diva turns miserable. Wonder where you are, Darla !


Miss you too Darla. It is great that other folk have been helping you on the site, but it is not the same without you.


We miss you Darla.
Take care!

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