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September 16, 2009

POLL - How Many Phones Do You Carry?

by Ernest Doku

Picture 6 Great question posed by Mike on Nokia Conversations, "How many phones do you carry?"

Bonus question from me, what are they, and how many people have a Nokia as their 'emergency' phone?

Me, I usually carry two.

Aside from my main device, I have at most a couple of burners for various day-to-day shenanigans...always good to have an emergency one for those sticky situations.

At the moment, the 5530 XpressMusic is my weapon of choice. Compact, decent mail, and can chuck the latest albums on it with no trouble. Not in love with the text messaging, so keep my main phone around for official business, but a great go-to mobile in a clinch.

How about you guys? Be sure to vote on the Nokia Conversations poll, feel free to chuck comments wherever you see fit!


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Are you serious? To carry more than one seems a bit stupid to me. have you heard of call forwarding?


Any news on Darla's whereabouts? Miss the Diva.

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