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September 30, 2009

Nokia N900: Maemo 5 OS Reviewed

by Ernest Doku


Whilst Symbian S60 is an admittedly robust and versatile interface for today's latest mobile phones, it has faced pressure in the face of other technologically proficient, intuitive and more visually appealing operating systems from rival manufacturers.

Thankfully, Nokia is pooling their experience in the internet tablet market to create what many see as their first truly convergent device between mobiles and desktop computer functionality - the Nokia N900.

Running on the Linux-based Maemo 5 platform, the N900 UI shares visual elements of S60 as well as those of previous tablets like the N810, but provides an entirely fresh experience.

Eldar from Mobile-Review explores exactly what we can expect from this ground-breaking OS, as well as some of the shortcomings in his exhaustive Maemo 5 review.

With word that there will be a second, QWERTY-less Maemo device from Nokia in 2010, it's good to get an insight into what we can expect, which seems to be close to desktop multitasking and functionality.

What becomes of Symbian? Well, as the world becomes more demanding from their handsets, S60 is the perfect platform for devices to offer a complete smart phone UI as well as touch support, yet remain affordable.

It may give way to Maemo on Nokia's flagship offerings in the future, but S60 will doubtlessly remain a permanent fixture on the vast majority of handsets to be released next year.


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Mike Butler

I found the above review totally confusing. The author seems to be split between recommending S60 devices or Maemo 5? Which is it please?


"Whilst Symbian S60 is an admittedly robust and versatile interface for today's latest mobile phones..."

i couldn't disagree more, but that said more in relative terms than in absolute.

in any case, the n900 will soon be in my hands, and i can finally leave s60 behind. it feels so good to put my money where my mouth is.

Ernest Doku

I guess it might be confusing because that I how I feel about S60 in the face of Maemo...

Sad to see it fall behind smartphone standards (which is naturally where Maemo fits in), but important to realise it still has a place in the mobile game.

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