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July 29, 2009

Nokia To Change Naming Conventions?

by Ernest Doku

Nokia-phones-april-2008With the market becoming saturated by a myriad of handsets with similar specs, its becoming pretty tough for the man on the street to distinguish the C3030 from a C903, or know why the E71 is an altogether different beast from the 5800.

Nokia recognises this too, and are rumoured to be lifting the lid on an entirely new naming convention for their range of handsets at the Nokia World Conference this year.

As a manufacturer with a wide array of phones across several price points, it will be great for the consumer to have a little transparency in this side of things. Sony Ericsson have recently made an about face with their phone names, announcing the Yari, Aino and Symbian-powered Satio to a slightly bemused public earlier this year.

The phrases 'X Series' and 'C Series' have apparently been filed as trademarks by the Finnish manufacturer late last week, presumably primed to sit next to the E Series messaging devices and flagship N Series multimedia phones currently in the range. What the first handsets are, however, has not been revealed as yet.

Each future phone is said to fit into one of these new letter-prefixed categories (meaning no more four digit guessing games with new handsets), and would have a set of common features. As mentioned above, the E Series are all about e-mails, connectivity and the mobile office, whilst the N Series are the posterboys for the cutting edge, with multimedia and premium functionality a selling point. Could the X Series be a shortening of the 'XpressMusic' banner?

With Android phones like the HTC Hero, Magic and Dream all having very distinct names, it seems to be developing a brand for a company that was once offered nondescript smartphones for other manufacturers. Even Sony Ericsson are looking beyond the Cybershot and Walkman names, giving cool monikers to their convergent devices. Could this change also benefit Nokia and clear the smokescreen for the less savvy consumer?

Time will tell.

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Ms. Jen

I really wish they would drop the nearly Odd Number Only naming convention. I realize that Chinese folks are allergic to 4 & divisors thereof, but the US & Europe aren't China.

Give me an N84 or N88. Or even an N44.

My fave time of day is 4:44pm. ;o)

Sara Pall

Yeah it is a good step but i wanna say that nokia names are really tough and there should be small and easy name snot like nokia5800 express music long name man.....we can only recognize those names that are famous actually i have recently completed a+ exam questions and now i will buy a new nokia cell phone!


There really isn't any thing I don't like about this camera. I am not a camera pro, but I do like a good picture.

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