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June 05, 2009

Nokia N97 Unleashed: The Best Of The Web!

by Ernest Doku

Nokia-n97-5-40676-43016 The Nokia N97 might be weeks from release, but the online community is already ablaze with reviews, videos, opinion and content. In the lead up to the launch, I thought it'd be a good time to round up some of the best of what's on the internet right now!

Initial opinion is largely positive regarding the slick smartphone from Nokia, yet honest first impressions from ZDNet's David Meyer lament the resistive screen and middling build quality. He did like the smooth sliding keyboard and purposeful nature of the home screen widgets.

Steve Litchfield's epic review on All About Symbian is equally glowing regarding the slider mechanism and build quality in general, chucking in positive comments regarding the powerful battery, selection of pre-installed content and the visibility of the screen in various lighting conditions.

He also goes into an interesting level of detail regarding imaging quality from the 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera, as well as web browsing on the S60 v5 device.

A commenter on the Nokia Blog chucked in a great post of Nokia N97 pros and cons after a half hour Nokia-n97-front NYC store demo. Loving the slick picture viewer with iPhone style 'bouncy' physics, the phone's surprisingly small size and the quality look of the black model, they only found fault with the disappointing D-pad, the removal of a virtual QWERTY for fully closed usage and overly small buttons.

If you want to buy Nokia N97 in the UK and it just has to be white, it looks like the only place you'll be able to do it is from Phones 4 U, according to Pocket Lint. The exclusive lasts for 2 months, and will be released in most European territories on a contract from the 26th of June. The good part is that it will be available for free on a 24-month, £40 contract but anyone afraid of being tied down will have to shell out £100 up front on a £35 monthly deal. Plenty of texts and minutes are chucked in with both.

There are a few N97 deals popping up from the other retailers, eager to get preorders in way before release. One thing for certain is that the N97 looks to be big this summer!

The hype train for the N97 has left the station, with it already becoming the choice for celebrities (if they get paid), popping up in the new Black Eyed Peas video for 'I Gotta Feeling,' showing off the slider form factor and web browsing on the black version.

An exciting offical event to whip up interest was also hosted on a number of sites, where cryptic clues and taxing riddles led to 8 Nokia N97 winners in the 'Search for N' campaign, the UK arm being run in conjunction with NokNok.tv.

Nokia-n97-photo13 Completely at a loss to what all the fuss is about with the Nokia N97? Think it just looks like an Xperia X1 knockoff? Prepare for a full N97 re-education courtesy of Cnet, with an exhaustive guide to the ins and outs of the most exciting handset to come from the Finnish manufacturer! Detailed pics show off what comes in the box, whilst a quick vid of Flora with the N97 gives us a look at the handset close up.

The winner of the 'best and most detailed foreign review' has to go to blog-n97.fr, who have filmed a magnum opus like no other, showing off every single facet of the super smartphone device. Unfortunately, just like the best foriegn film Oscar winners, their work was oft overlooked due to not being in the English language...take a peek, it's worth it!

Not sure if the N97 can replace your digital camera/camcorder? Check out this amazing selection of N97 pictures and videos, compiled if not personally taken by the Nokia N97 Blog. Frankly amazing!

All this, from a phone that is still a couple of weeks away from release! It's genuniely exciting to see the level of interest which many people have waited a long time for. Some handsets, from Nokia as well as other manufacturers, have disappointed this year. With feedback ranging from muted to glowing, it looks like the Nokia N97 might be the one to kick off the avalanche of really impressive handsets for the summer!


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