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June 21, 2009

Nokia N97 stress tests

by Paul

Today myself and Kenny from N97Geeks have put the N97 through it's paces with a series of stress tests.

The tests range from screen scratch resilience to water tests. The aim of the tests is to give N97 users an idea of just how durable the N97 is and what to expect if the phone happens to drop out of their pocket or in to a bowl of cereal, but hopefully the average user won't be playing with their phone over a bowl of cereal, but you never know.

Tomorrow we'll be doing a couple of drop tests. I know a few friends who dropped their iPhone and cracked the screen, so it'll be interesting to see how the N97 fairs up. We did a couple of tests last night but they didn't come out too well but the screen didn't crack, even when dropped on concrete from head height. Hopefully it will hold up during tomorrows tests.

Source: N97 Geeks


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