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May 27, 2009

UK N97; No Stylus, No early release, No Skype and available only in black

by Paul

N97-UK-releaseEarlier today at a conference both Nokia and Vodafone confirmed a release date of June 26th for the UK. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, for those who were hoping for an early release. Though it's still rumored the US could see the N97 as early as June 2nd.

Earlier in May, when Nokia opened their doors for pre-orders, it was quickly noticed that Nokia's UK website didn't list a stylus in the box contents. Today Nokia confirmed that the UK version will not come packaged with a stylus, which will make handwriting recognition somewhat difficult. 

Vodafone also stated they'd initially be releasing the handset in black only and will be bundling MD-8 speakers with the handset. 

The impression I got from the Nokia rep, was that the N97 will be released only in black on all UK networks. This is apparently dependent on demand. Though I have a sneaky suspicion white is going to initially be a network exclusive to o2 perhaps?

In addition the N97 will NOT ship with Skype. Though being symbian driven, it's likely to come in the near future. Whether or not networks will allow for Skype usage on their networks is another thing.

Source: N97 Geeks


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