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May 20, 2009

UPDATE: Nokia N97 Coming June 2nd?

by Darla Mack

N97-release You've probably read the rumors flying around this week regarding the possible early release of the N97. Just wishful thinking? Possibly.

However a couple of interesting developments certainly reinforce the rumors and make me a little excited. One of the major US retailers has reportedly been told by Nokia the expect shipment on June 2nd.

A member of N97 Geeks has posted on their forum, with some very interesting information. Those of you who pre-ordered with Nokia directly, will know that Nokia debited the customers account with the full pre-order amount to check for funds availability, they then refunded this amount within 1-2 business days, informing the customer they'll be charged when the N97 is ready for shipment. 

Well it's claimed that the Nokia, since yesterday, have now began debiting accounts. This could mean 101 things, but of course the most obvious is the the Nokia N97 is ready for shipping

Update: NOMNOMN97 from N97 Geeks managed to talk with a representative at Nokia regarding his new charges. Where they legit or just an error in the system? the representive was quoted as saying "this is the sign that they're getting ready to ship your order and that this time, the charges will stick to your account"

Again, this isn't concrete evidence but I'm getting more excited as the evidence stacks up.

Source: n97geeks.com


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