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April 09, 2009

So Where is Darla Mack

by Paul

As you've probably noticed, our beloved Darla has been AWOL the past couple of months. The truth of it is, nobody seems to know where she is or why she's disappeared. Though we do know she had some personal issues not long before disappearing.

What I do know, is that Darla has blogged faithfully for many years and has a ton of followers, supporters and friends. Personally, I consider myself a friend, follower and supporter.

Resolving Issues and moving forward
Today I logged in to the blog to make a post and noticed the typepad account had been suspended due to an unpaid invoice, and there were also ongoing issues with Darlamack.com and Darlamack.blogs.com being duplicate content. I've paid the invoice and will continue to do so until Darla returns. I've also forwarded Darlamack.com to Darlamack.blogs.com. The search engines will be much happier now.

New bloggers
I'm really excited that Ernest from Omio.com is going to be joining the blogging team. He's a blogging powerhouse. Ernest worked as games tester and manual copywriter for Eidos before joining Omio. He's a total gadget lover and an ideal addition to the team. Do you remember Gamesmaster? believe it or not but Ernest is the proud owner of a Golden Joystick! Please give him a warm welcome. I believe Brandon from Nokiausers.net will also be joining us soon, I'll keep you updated.

What can you do to help?
Right now, we're pulling together as a team to ensure the blog continues to thrive. We'll be working hard to bring you all the latest happenings from the mobile world. All we ask if for you to keep reading and continue to show your support and those of you who run your own blogs, please continue to give the blog the exposure it deserves.

Thanks everybody for your continued support. I know Darla will be overwhelmed.

Wishing Darla well and awaiting her safe return. 



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I had added darlamack to my rss feed a long time ago and had noticed the deafening silence with only the odd blog update every now and then. I do hope all is well but understand that for everyone their family comes first.

2Serenity aka TheJennTaFur

I've been wondering where is Darla too. She has a great heart and spirit. She is very passionate about her mobile blogging. I wanted to share with her that I now have a BlackBerry so I will be tuning into her blog to learn more about mobile devices.

Thank you for the update.

Mark Webster

Darla is the grand dame of blogging, much missed and loved by many, knowledgable, friendly and polite :)


I've been following Darla's blog for the past 3 yrs ,and will continue to do so. She's one of the personalities who inspired me to start my own blog , give her my regards and all my best wishes for her


The Nokia/mobile blogosphere just hasn't been the same without her. I pray that everything is ok, but if it isn't, I pray she has peace with it.

Basit Ali


I've been a reader and supporter if not her friend, but I really miss her posts. I hope she's fine and I pray she comes out of whatever she's in , happy safe and sound.

Now , what we can do, we can continue blogging here to ensure that the blog is in good shape till she returns.

In this regard, I extend all my support not just by reading and visiting the blog, but I also offer my blogging services too. I'd love to write a few entries every now and then on Darla's blog.

Last but not least, I wanna welcome Ernest, looking forward to your posts.


I hope all is well in her life and thank you Paul for taking over responsibilities - those of us who loved this blog over the years appreciate it!

Digital Tech News

All the best to Darla Mack, may the mobile diva return soon.


Correct me if i am wrong, but i thought Darla had moved her blog to wordpress but it appears that its now back on typepad?

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