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April 16, 2009

Orange Announces Nokia Messaging Push Mail Service

by Ernest Doku

Nokia-e75 I was lucky enough to go to Mobile World Congress back in February, and one fact that Nokia kept reiterating was that they were going to make the setting up of mail functionality on their phones much easier.

No longer would you need to memorise reams of knowledge about VPN logins, the IP of your network provider and your grandfather's blood type, just an e-mail address and password would be enough to fully integrate the entire inbox to your phone.

The phones they were using to demonstrate this functionality were set to be the new breed of S60 smartphones, the forthcoming Nokia E75 slider and super svelte Nokia E55, complete with novel QWERTY/alphanumeric keypad crossover.

The goal of rolling this mail solution out on such high profile duo was that Nokia wanted to shake the stigma of feature rich handsets being the preserve of tech geeks, and show that access to much of a phone's functionality can be offered without breaking a sweat.

Orange and Nokia have announced the culmination of this change, offering an entirely new mail client for their high-end 'Signature' devices.

Launching in the UK from Summer '09, 'Nokia Messaging by Orange' will enable users to receive push email on their handsets, with the service allowing full reading, writing and editing access for up to 10 personal email accounts (including Gmail and Hotmail), the ability to download and view attachments and attach files from their phone!

With further details to be announced nearer the time, it seems like Nokia are realising that robust e-mail functionality on a phone is not just for investment bankers in the City, and making a concerted effort to show that handsets other than a BlackBerry can get messages on the go!

Source: Pocket-Lint

Ernest Doku is Technology Editor of mobile phone comparison site Omio.com. He twitters at @omiocom.


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At what cost ?, will this be included in the Orange 'internet' addition to the account ?

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