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April 16, 2009

Nokia Photo Browser Now Available For S60 Phones!

by Ernest Doku

If you weren't already clued up on the new-look Nokia Photo Browser, check out this video from Nokia Conversations video showcasing the brilliant visual effects, magnifying glass and face browsing tools!

The best news? Whilst previously an S60 5th Ed. Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusic exclusive, the Photo Browser is now available in a non-touch version for Symbian 60 phones rocking Feature Pack 1 or above (thanks scynn!).

Simply pop over to the Nokia BetaLabs to download and install for free. Tried it on an N96, and it is a slick, intuitive and genuinely unique way of looking at your photos!


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According to the Beta Labs site, its not actually 'all s60 phones'. It appears to be only FP1 or newer devices. Saying 'all s60 phones' implies that support for regular ol' pre-FP1 s60v3 has been added which does not appear to be the case... or am I missing something?

Basit Ali


Basit Ali

Its so cool. It works great on my Nokia N82. The zoom is'nt there but still its a treat. And its so smooth. Just posted a video here:



Where does it say "ALL series 60 phones?"

It actually says, now available for s60 phones, which it is.

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