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March 03, 2009

Get your Free N-Gage Game Code from Nokia

by Clinton Jeff

Nokia is being extra generous this month and giving away one free N-Gage code to everyone, per N-Gage Arena UserName.

Get a Free N-Gage Code from Nokia

To get this game code, all you have to do is, head over to N-GageWizard.com and fill in your details. Once you do that, you should get an Email with your free N-Gage Game code.

Note: There were a few issues with codes sent out in the beginning, but it appears to be worked out now. Regardless, if the code you get is 13 digits instead of 15, email them back to get the correct code.

Edit : Lame, they've changed the giveaway rules and limited it to residents of the UK only. If you're in the UK, you can still get your code. If you're anywhere else, y'all are outta luck.

[via: ZOMGitsCj]


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just for UK .. isn't? ..


ppl who tried to get a replacment code have been turned down as the promotion is for UK residents only
i got my new code being in UK

Clinton Jeff

Sorry guys ! When I posted this earlier, it was open to anyone. They just changed the rules a couple hours ago.

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