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February 18, 2009

Nokia Handset Roll Call at WMC 2009

by Paul

Nokia has had a very eventful Mobile World Congress at this year's event in Barcelona, releasing plenty of new handsets!

With the mid-range, high end and smartphone users catered for, these new devices sit really nicely alongside the Nokia N97 for their 2009 lineup.

Nokia-N86-8MP-indigo_01_lowres-small First is the Nokia N86 8MP. With an announcement cleverly delayed until the second day of Mobile World Congress, Nokia made sure all eyes were on them as this upgraded version of the popular N85 hit their booth at MWC.

Boasting the first 8 megapixel camera from Nokia, a

2.6" OLED screen,

8GB of internal memory, an FM transmitter, Wi-Fi and GPS support with Nokia Maps, and a 3.5mm audio output, the N86 8MP is an impressively well-rounded handset. It also retains that dual-slide mechanism hiding dedicated media buttons that makes other N-series devices like the N96 and N85 so decent for movies and music.

The N86 8MP has a Q2 2009 release window and a price of around €375 without network subsidies.

Next up we have a great entry level smartphone device, going by the name of the Nokia E55. The E55 has a slightly unconventional keypad layout, going for a half-sized QWERTY by doubling up the letters on each key.

Sounds odd, but it makes the E55 tiny at just 9.9mm thick, and pretty gorgeous. This is definitely a handset to turn people usually disinterested in smartphones which support e-mail and the like. It is made really easy to assign all of your different inboxes to the device, needing just a username and password to get on board!

Much was made of the epic battery life, with one month of standby time! It seems that Nokia really listened to those consumers normally fazed by such a device, then made one which offers the portability, ease of use and looks that they desire.

The Nokia E55 will be also become available very early in Q2 of 2009, with a bargain prospective price of €265 euros, SIM-free.

Nokia-E75_red_04a_lowres-small The Nokia E75 is a more high-end smartphone offering, following on from the full QWERTY + traditional keypad Communicator setup of yesteryear.

It also possesses the Nokia Messaging service, enabling easy access to all of your inboxes from a single home screen, as well as a dual personality with different settings and home screens depending on whether you are in 'work' or 'play' mode.

Slightly more mass market handsets were also on display, with the 6220 Classic and 6110 Navigator receiving their 2009 upgrades. The new editions are called the Nokia 6720 Classicand the Nokia 6710 Navigator .

Nokia-6710-Navigator_titanium_01_lowres-small The Nokia 6710 Navigator goes the full GPS route with a shiny new version of Nokia Maps, whilst the Nokia 6720 Classic follows the traditional quality handset route, with added UI gloss to make the menus look awesome, despite running on Symbian S60 Version 3.2.

The Nokia 6720 Classic will retail in the second quarter of '09 for €245 before taxes and subsidies, whilst The Nokia 6710 Navigator will be a Q3 release, at a €300 price point.

Features like extra long battery life, half size QWERTY keyboards and 8 megapixel cameras all combine to make the Nokia phones some of the most diverse and cutting edge of all the manufacturers on show at MWC 2009.


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