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February 12, 2009

Nokia & Facebook Friends, Maybe

by Matthew

Nokia & Facebook I'm honestly at a lost when it comes to Nokia these days. Nokia has spent millions on new acquisitions to develop their own offerings for everything Nokia. The problem of course while Nokia is the largest single mobile device manufacture globally the adoption of their services has been anything but stellar. At the same time Nokia seems to baulk at participating with the services that are in demand among the very same consumers. Nokia's Share on Ovi for example is quite late to the media sharing arena, severely lagging behind popular services such as Flickr , Smugmug , Photobucket , ImageSharing . To compound the problem outside of Nokia's devices, their services are largely if not completely incompatible, unsupported and unused. I can appreciate Nokia wanting to develop services to compliment their products but at the same time they cannot bury their heads in the sand and ignore the world around them. Finland may be the center of the Nokia universe but to most of the world it is simply a small, albiet beautiful, country stretching from the North Baltic Sea to the Arctic circle.

Facebook's Friendship With Nokia Is Pending - washingtonpost.com via TechTi.me


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Sami Lempinen

Vital correction: Finland has no coastline by the North Sea, but the Baltic Sea. :)


I'm actually quite pleased so far with the Ovi offerings. OTA sync, calendar, gallery, maps, email, chat (with presence), microblogging with presence (FriendView), remote file access - all free, on-device or on a personal computer.

Pictures from flickr can be imported into Share, and chat works with google accounts, so there's at least the beginnings of interoperability with other services. And the terms of service are a lot less scary than those of Facebook.


I have been saying this same thing in comments on various Nokia blogs... I like Nokia, and the potential once they streamline and combine their services, and make them compatible with current, global platforms and services is just amazing! I am just wondering if it will be too late by then.

Look at the Palm Pre! I was a Palm user, and was hoping that they would step their game up after the Treo 650, took them some time, but so far the Pre looks like it will dominate mobile contacts management arena... that integration is the closest thing to what I've been looking for in my mobile contacts. It certainly seems to lack in some other basic areas, but the central contact management feature is a GREAT sell for me.

It just seems that NOkia has such great ideas, has made some great products, but they are yet to put the best of each into one device (In a seamless manner... Enough of this opening three different programs to do related tasks!)

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