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January 14, 2009

A Well Needed Break

by Darla Mack

First I'd like to sincerely thank Matt, Ms. Jen, CJ, Snoyt and Paul for continuing to contribute in my absence.

And secondly, to my readers & friends for being understanding when I just up and vanished without an explanation.

Without going into detail, sometimes things happen in life where a break is needed. I guess thats the good thing about blogging... you can give yourself a vacation whenever you chose.

Things are somewhat back to normal, so expect to see more content from me coming up. :) And thanks to all who have shown your concern.



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I have been worried that something was wrong...

Kept checking back looking for a post by "Darla" for some time now...

I know things "happen," and I know privacy is paramount! My blog went from read to nothing when "life" happened and I had to not post for about 3 months.

I haven't seen most of those readers since--the web provides many outlets--of course, mine is a general rant blog and does not focus on a particular industry or field (perhaps my marketing/direction, or lack thereof, is my problem :) ).

I am glad to see you posting, and I hope you and yours are doing well.

You are, contrary to "readership" data on the server, are in our thoughts...

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