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December 02, 2008

Nokia N97, well done Nokia!

by snoyt



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Yea it may be a bit big but its still perfect in my eyes. I have been waiting a very long time for this device. I'm currently using the N810 to quench my thirst. Now I think I can finally be a one device man. Well in theory at least.


i will ask it for santa claus

Kevin Neely

Is the Ovi email stuff really for this type of phone? I was under the impression that Nokia Ovi Email was targeted toward the lower-end phones, particularly S40 devices.

People with a smartphone will probably use it to check Gmail or Exchange.

Snoyt here: Ovi e-mail is currently for the S40 phones. However S60 will be added in the future. Currently I run MailForExchange as well as 5 imap accounts. A single pushgate via OVI i.e. would improve battery performance without doubt.


Hi Darla.. i quite interested on your writings.. Lots of useful info and manymany tips about this Symbians thing.. Well done Darla.. Keep it up!

I think N97 try to follow what the apple guys doing, yes, the iPhone.. In my country, Malaysia, our telcos still fight for their license to dristubute iphone.. Celcom, Maxis and Digi.. :)


I just hope the N97 is as responsive in real life as in the 1st movie. I find my iPod touch UI much more responsive than the N95 8Gb.

snoyt here: There is a hands on video, I updated the post


I'd have gone for a better camera resolution and a T9 option, but it'll do. Lets hope its the new TI OMAP 3 processor, and not a speedier N95 setup as rumored.

A real issue I hope you guys mention whenever possible is the US 3G situation. Rumors are the Euro N85 with 1800/1900/2100MHz work in many at&t areas. If this is so, a NAM model with 1700/1900/2100MHz could appeal to alot larger part of the lucrative American market's high growth smartphone market, working on at&t and T-MobileUSA. Frequency choices will be key in America. Leaving T-MobileUSA subscribers on the broadband sidelines even with the blazing new network is becoming unexcusable.

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