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November 11, 2008

Nokia Announces New Mail on Ovi Service

by Clinton Jeff

Nokia announced a new service for developing markets earlier this week, which is Nokia's new Mail on Ovi service. The initiative behind this service right now, is to bring and teach basic use of email to as many people in emerging markets.

Mail on Ovi
, which is enabled on Nokia Series 40 devices only for now, offers the possibility to create an email account directly on your mobile phone without having to use a personal computer, giving millions of users the possibility to create their first internet identity and communicate in new ways.

Mail on Ovi brings people closer together. For many people, email is probably the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they check at night. They usually do this on their personal computers or laptops while at home or at work. Those with email-enabled mobile devices are also able to access their accounts on the go. For many in emerging markets, these seemingly normal activities – the ownership of a personal computer and the ability to have an email account of their own – have been seen as a luxury available only to others because of cost and availability.

However, many people in these very same emerging markets have Nokia devices, which unknown to them, are email-optimized. Now – to help them along the path of digital connectivity – Nokia has developed an email service. Mail on Ovi, which could probably be their first step in discovering the mobile internet, gives first-time email users the chance to set up an email account ([email protected]) right on their mobile phone.

Mail on Ovi - At A Glance

Available on Nokia Series 40 devices:
•-  Showcased on Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330 classic
•-  Supported across all Nokia Series 40 devices currently shipping (with NSA**)

Mail on Ovi features:
•-  1 GB storage
•-  Multi-layered spam & virus protection
•-  Single sign-on with access to other Ovi Services
•-  Nokia is the one point of contact for the service and the device

Out of the box mobile access to personal email:
•- Sending email is easy and safe
•- Communicate with family and friends
•- Stay connected and updated
•- Share information, jokes, news and updates
•- Share photos and attachment files
•- Forward important messages
•- Respond quickly when messages are urgent

Language support:
•- Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Bengali, Filipino (Filipino/Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, UK English, US English

An Inbox for Everyone

•- Simple, intuitive email on Nokia Series 40 devices
•- Simple sign-up
•- Easy to use
•- Anytime, anywhere access
•- Mail on Ovi is free to set up*
•- Create a personal email account on your phone
•- Account setup is integrated into the Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330 classic. Integrated account setup is planned for more Nokia devices
•- Single sign-on compatibility with Ovi.Com
•- Access to a scalable, reliable and secure email service
•- Communicate flexibly
•- Connect to your social network
•- Share updates and information securely

Mail on Ovi is a secure and spam-free personal email service designed for Nokia Series 40 devices.
Mobile phone users who have one or more of the 36 Mail on Ovi-optimized devices can set up their email account for free with just a few pieces of information, and start using the account right away. They can choose to create a new Mail on Ovi account or activate email for an existing Ovi sign-on profile.
Having email on a mobile device means consumers can stay in touch with family and friends who are far away. They can check in when they have time to catch up, respond quickly to urgent matters, compose an email on the go, and send and receive images and photos. Another benefit of Mail on Ovi is that it will be launched with support for more than 10 languages and will eventually include more than 85 languages.
Mail on Ovi is most likely to be the first time many people experience email. So, it is very important that it is easy to use and maintain. During the beta trial phase, Mail on Ovi can be accessed through the messaging folder – an application that anyone with a Nokia mobile phone will be familiar with.
For consumers who are familiar with email and its benefits, Mail on Ovi offers the opportunity for them to take the next step in email management and utilization.
The next generation of email access is here. With Nokia’s Mail on Ovi, the world awaits.

Mail on Ovi is easy to find, set-up and use, for immediate email access from your mobile phone. A trial of Mail on Ovi will launch in a few select markets by the end of November 2008. The global rollout of Mail on Ovi will be available on all currently shipping Nokia Series 40 devices by the end of 2008.

[via ZomgitsCj]


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