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November 01, 2008

New N-Gage Tournament: Are You the ONE ?

by Clinton Jeff

With ONE now officially released on the N-Gage platform, Nokia is holding a "Are you the ONE ? Tournament" !

In ONE, you get "ELO Points" as you play the game. The more you play, the more ELO you get.But if thats only if you win every match. If you lose a match, you'll lose ELO points. This new N-Gage tournament is based upon this ELO point system.

When you first start ONE your character has 1000 ELO points. If you win a fight you will receive about 45 ELO points to add to that, so your characters rank goes to 1045. But in your next match, if you loose, your character looses 25 ELO Points, so the total goes down to 1025.
However all Point gains and losses  change as you rank higher and fight opponents of different ranks compared to yours, and how many times you've fought them.

For the tournament, theres no signing up needed. All you have to do is play the game as much as you can and get your ELO Score as high as possible. Then, post your ELO Score online to the online N-gage ONE leaderboards.

The strongest player with the most ELO Points on December 1st 2008, will be declared the ONE and the winner!
The winner will receive a bunch of prizes including a brand new Nokia N96, alongwith ONE N-gage swag, 1000 N-gage Points (or NGP for short. Similar to Xbox Achievement points) to add to his/her total NGP and activation codes for 3 N-gage games of his/her choice.
The player who comes second, gets a Nokia 5320 handset, ONE swag, 500 NGP and an activation code for 2 N-gage games.
Third place gets you ONE N-gage swag, 300 N-gage points and one activation code for an N-gage game.
The Top hundred players on the N-gage ONE Elo board will get 150 NGP to add to their total.

Not a bad deal eh ? So what are you waiting for !? Download and buy your copy of ONE on your N-gage compatible handset and let others know if you're the ONE ! Good luck !

[Via ZomgitsCj]


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You are good at it Darla, I was never gonna buy this. But now I feel like doing so....

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