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November 10, 2008

To: Santa Claus, subject: Mobile smart phone

by snoyt

Dear Santa,

Santa_nokia_2 I have been cruising the web for a while now, on the lookout for a successor to my N82/N95 smartphones. In fact I having cruising all year looking for a new generation smartphone. Sadly  I can find the ideal phone no-where. Please, please help me. While cruising I found a plethora of interesting features my next ultra functional and sub zero cool smartphone needs. But there is none that fits the description. Below is my wanna have feature list, please read it and help me find my perfect phone. That's all I ask for Christmas, your advice.


Dirk Snoyt

The list:

  • OLED screen.They really are super readable. Actually they are so very readable that anyone within two meters with 20/20 vision looking at your phone from any angle can read your e-mail and see those shower pictures from your girlfriend. OLED's are great and power efficient, perhaps too great? Practicality: Undecided. Desirability: For sure. Deal breaker when absent: No
  • UDP: User data preservation. I have it on my N82, firmware upgrades without losing my configurations and software upgrades. A big time saver. Practicality: Very High.  Desirability: Very. Dealbreaker: No.
  • Full Phone Encryption:Complete encryption of you phone data and memory card. Practicality: Extremely. Desirability: Gimmy Gimmy Gimmy now!Dealbreaker: Maybe. If another comparable phone has it, for sure.
  • FingerPrint scanner: No more unlocking with unlockcodes. Practicality: Perhaps useful. Desirability factor:If its for free. Dealbreaker: No
  • 5MPixel AF with Zeiss lens: Need I say more? Nothing less than the Nokia Nseries standard. Practicality: Very High. Desirability: Extremely. Dealbreaker: Definitely!
  • 640x480 video recording : Need I say more? Nothing less than the Nokia Nseries standard. Practicality: Very High. Desirability: Extremely. Dealbreaker: Sure!
  • Xenon flash: Selfevident. Once you had one in your phone, your addicted. Practicality: very. Desirability: very. Dealbreaker: Close, but no!
  • Finger touchscreen:Difficult question, it solely depends on the speed and quality of the interface, but yeah my next one should have it. I think. Practicality: Unknown. Desirability: You betcha. Dealbreaker: Definitely I am a geek...
  • large 640x360+ pixels, 3.0"+ widescreen: Yes, I want a bigger screen for webbrowser and photo (re)viewing and e-mail composition. Practicality: Extremely. Desirability: Extremely. Dealbreaker: YES! YES! and YES!
  • Compact size: As in nothing bigger than the Nokia Express Media 5800. Though a bit thicker is acceptabe. Practicality: Extremely. Desirability: Extremely. Dealbreaker: YES! YES! and YES! I am not a mule.
  • Sliding Mini-qwerty:Touchtyping is nice for short things, but it takes screenspace needed for serious message composition and editing. It also states: I am a serious person. Practicality: High. Desirability: Extremely. Dealbreaker: YES!
  • GPS and usable SatNav software: Could not live without it. Practicality: Ultra Extremely Desirability: Ultra Extremely. Dealbreaker: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
  • Decent support software: Asked me two years ago and I'd have said:huh? But to date? We are talking tools for blogging, flickr, youtube, Microsoft exchange push support, gmail support, backup and restore etc. Ahhh, location based search another one... Dealbreaker: YES!
  • Virtual surround support: So very cool when watching movies, through a headset or the builtin-stereo speakers, even better when using tv-out.  Practicality: Cool! Desirability: Yeah! Dealbreaker: NO!
  • Wifi, bluetooth, 3G, mp3 player and so forth: I expect any of the used standard functions on my phone and meet an angry customer. This includes java ME support  and javascript and flash support for my browser. Yes flash,  Apple's socks be darned. Dealbreaker: YES!
  • Built-in auto-tazer. To zap anyone who is not me ;^)

The 3 remaining questions are: What Brand, Which model? And WHEN? Get a move on, Nokia, Samsung, ACME or even one of Santa's Christmas ingenious elves. I don't really care. Gimmy, gimmy, gimmy please!

image courtesy of AccessoryGeeks


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Mike Bowen

I totally agree with everything above, having been an owner of the N95 (original) for the past 18 months, I am now looking for my big replacement new phone.

It's got to have everything my N95 has right now, plus some wow factors to get me to buy it. I only want the best, nothing more:

* a touch screen would be nice with some of the qualities from Blackberry Storm & iPhone, but also a keyboard or some buttons, as I don't want to rely soley on touch screen, which is why I can't stand the iPhone.
* more use of the accelerometer. There must be a ton of features that can be enabled to use the accelerometer.
* Optical Zoom would be nice, although always going to be difficult on a small device.
* Image stabilizer.
* better battery, 1400Mah+ would be great, considering it's a smart phone, it's meant to be fiddled with and played with all day.
* It Must be a NOKIA, since they are and have always been the best.

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