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November 11, 2008

Another Hidden Nokia Application - Nokia Multiscanner

by Darla Mack

SymbianV3 reports the finding of a useful tool not shown on any of the Nokia sites... at least none that we are aware of.  The Nokia Multiscanner.

NokiamultiscannerscreenshotAccording to my Symbian-Guru, the Nokia Multiscanner is a tool that's available to the E66 and E71 (although I can't find it on my E71). 

The Multiscanner offers 2 functions... a card reader and a text scanner which converts  The application works by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify letters.

While the Card Reader seems cool I think I'm a bit more interested in the Text Scanner.

You can download Nokia Multiscanner from below.  Let me know which device you have it working on.

Download Nokia Multiscanner

EDIT:  Original Nokia Page, Detailed Review by Symbian-Life Blog


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the nokia multiscanner came as a default application on my uk e71 from 3 network.

There was recently an update to the application which allowed me to extract and install on my n95 8gb.


Official Nokia Site: http://www.nokia.com/A41229032

Ravindra first posted about it on his "Symbian-Life Blog" September 29th and put up a nice review the next week http://symbian-lifeblog.com/2008/10/multiscanner-getting-the-most-out-of-it.html

disclaimer: I am not affilated with his blog in any way ;)

Also, have you tried using a a program launcher that can search hidden files to see if its installed but without the icon? jbak task manager, handy taskman, Activefile, AppQLaunch, etc? Most nokia's i've played with have all kinds of apps installed that they want you to think are not there but just remove the icon from the menu and are too lazy to actually remove the app itself from the firmware.


I just installed this on my N95 8Gb and it works really well. Really useful little app. It doesn't cope very well with more complex fonts though.

Impressive little app though.


I have installed this app on both my N73 and N85, but on both the phone, i cannot get it to open!
Is there anything other than installing the app that i am missing?


Tried it on an e65 and I have the same problem as alsiladka. It installs fine but won't open. Just does nothing when selected.


I've installed it on my N85 and it doesn't work either!

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