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October 02, 2008

Nokia Tube vs Apple iPhone - Do We Really Care?

by Darla Mack

Rant #2 of the day.... Is Nokia really against Apple? 

I know its just something to make the title just pop out at you, but Nokia is in no way trying to throw raspberries at Apple.  (Please say that you know what a raspberry is).

Both companies produced great products and yes Apple may have made it to the innovative market first, but honestly people... both devices are different and targeted at different people.  I wouldn't so much say its a brewing war but if that what makes excitement than forget what I said.

I've been an iPhone 3G users since it was launched and I will admit that I like it alot.  But when it comes to pics and videos my Nokia never fails me.  See that's called "consumer choice" and I myself had to learn to not badmouth or "dis" other products (except the Motorola RAZR) ... plus the Apple fanboys scared the hell out of me. :)

Will the 5800 XpressMusic phone seem like something I'm interested in?  Absotively!  But I'm like that with most new devices.  Only because I can only base opinions on my own judgement and not everyone elses.  Take the N78 for example... the FM Transmitter and FOTA were my favorite features.  Now unfortunately, thats pretty much what I've used it for... that and it looks more stylish in my evening bag.

The Tube was never meant to be "the iPhone killer" but more of an introduction of a new option in Nokia's catalog of devices.  OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS... man I love that word!!

Do you honestly think that someone from the 5800 design team was actually thinking "Yeah this is gonna kick the iPhone's a$$". 


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I totally agree with you on the fact that those devices address different needs, therefore users. But given the revolution the iPhone brought to the market, it's quite normal to see people comparing any new phone to Apple's device. And as you did and admitted with the title you wrote, it's a way to attract readers to this post. It worked on me and I don't complain because your arguments were great. Best, Stef.


Absolutely agree - I hate that whole "iPhone-Killer" tag many blogs and even mainstream media writers constantly use.
When exactly did we stop having competitors and started having killers only?

Ricky Cadden

I've said from the beginning, the iPhone is for *consuming* content, while S60 is optimized for those of us who *create* content. Simple as that, apples and oranges.

Nikhil Chawla

I wont say its a killer or competitor to any phone all I would say that its just an answer by Nokia to other touchscreen phones as it has always been famous for its clamshells,candybars n other designs.

Darla Mack

@Nikhil Chawla


Mark Webster

The 5800 is aimed at mid-market Samsungs and LG's, we all know that the Bomb aimed at the iphone will arrive around March :)
5800 is half the price of the iphone too, it's brilliant!!

mac morrison

yes and no - sure the design team were not thinking about the iPhone - they started work on this before the iPhone 2g came out. But it is aimed at a similar (although larger) demographic. It's aimed at all the people apple want to target. The term war is a bit strong - it's just business. Price wise it knocks the iPhone PAYG out of the water. Feature wise its on par or exceeding all the way - the only downer being no multitouch and not quite as nice a form factor.

That means ALOT of 5800 under xmas trees this year.


We all have opinions, and some people think the iPhone is IT, others think it is for the consumer, others think it is trash.

Some think the Nokia Touch and similar phones are IT, others think it is for the media creator, others think it is for the consumer, and others can't stand Nokia.

They are all right--for them.

I have posted about similar "opinions" before, and I still say that what is "right" for you may not be "right" for anyone else. This goes for mobile phones, significant others, cars, abortion (lets not get into that here shall we?)...

I laugh, but a saying I continue to "spread," is:

A guy in Hugo, North Carolina, was talking in a country store about how good it was that everyone was different and liked different things. He summarized his "speech" by saying, "If everyone had the same opinion, everyone would want to be married to my Mable." I turned and saw what, to me, was the most plain-looking, "non-kept," no makeup, and over-weight, woman I had ever seen. The man who just finished speaking was still beaming--to him, she was the bomb.

To each there own.

What we might be able to agree on would be if competition wasn't, we would all be prevented from owning that device that is right for "us" and might be stuck with someone else's "Mable."

Renegade Fanboy

I very much agree, that no Nokia designers in their right mind would think, that the 5800 is an iPhone killer (re UI or design) - yet Nokia's attempt to introduce a phone which is slightly better feature-wise is quite visible.

What was striking about the introduction of iPhone is that it actually had a lot of features that Nokia phones did not have. For me, the 5800 XpressMusic is Nokia's attempt to claim back the feature crown.

It would have been a nice run in the numbers game, if it would have come before Christmas, packing Comes with Music - but this went down the drain already.

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